Electrolux Professional Accessories for blast chiller and freezer crosswise

Electrolux is a world leading producer of blast chillers and crosswise freezers. The machinery, developed for both super-fast and mild freezing and chilling has an excellent performance and is able to successfully operate for decades.

Although blast chillers and crosswise freezers provide a number of functions and options for the best customer experience, Electrolux offers a number of additional accessories to better their performance, prolong the life cycle and even better the overall use of your machinery.

Main features

  • All the accessories should be able to stand 5 basic modes of freezers and chillers. Therefore, they need to endure significant changes in temperature from 90°C up to 3°C in less than 90 minutes, as well as 90ºC up to -18ºC in less than 240 min.
  • Ability to endure hard chilling. Most accessories for blast chillers and crosswise freezers are made from cold-resistant materials that are able to endure hard chilling temperatures (below -20°C)
  • The long-lasting durability is surely one of the most important benefits of original accessories, powered by Electrolux.
  • Meet industry standards. All the accessories comply with HACCAP standards and are completely safe to install and use.

Electrolux Professional Accessories for Blast Chiller and Freezer Crosswise Prices

The accessories are developed to improve your cooking process, as well as make it easier and quicker. Designed for commercial kitchens, the accessories for blast chillers and crosswise freezers offer top-notch quality and best performance in extreme conditions. You can order all the needed additional equipment for blast chillers and crosswise freezers through our website and get 100% original Electrolux accessories.

Being an official dealer of Elecrolux, Maran Projekt GmbH is ready to ship the orders to any country worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason regarding your equipment; we are ready to communicate on different languages.

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