Electrolux Professional Accessories for air-o-chill/freezers lengthwise

The air and chill freezers, manufactured by Electrolux is always exceptionally reliable equipment for pro kitchens. The machinery can easily cope with a high-load operation and shows a top-notch performance for dozens of years.

The equipment has a number of advanced functions, options and settings that can be customized and even remotely controlled by USB. However, since the air and chill freezers usually have a long-life operating circle, some of them might require additional accessories.

Main features

  • Excellent performance at high temperatures. A wide range of accessories can successfully operate at ambient temperatures (up to +44 °C)
  • Ready to handle the drastic decrease in temperature. Most accessories can boast to have a functionality that is able to come through huge drops in temperature (from +90°C up to + 3°C in less than 2 hours)
  • Super-fast freezing. The accessories for air and chill freezers can also function in the conditions of superfast freezing (from 90ºC up to -18 ºC in less than four hours)
  • Made of modern materials. Electrolux uses the most present-day materials to ensure stable performance of its accessories.

Electrolux  Accessories for air-o-chill/Freezers Lengthwise Prices

All the accessories for air and chill freezers have the highest quality, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Furthermore, all of them come through various tests in order to provide the best customer experience. 

You can choose the needed accessories for your air and chill freezers from hundreds of options, available at our website, including remote units, pastry grids, runners, wheels, worktops, bases, etc. Maran Projekt GmbH, an official Electrolux partner, can ship your orders worldwide within the shortest terms.

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