Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 1/1

Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 1/1

Electrolux introduces a new range of freezers and refrigeration solutions, such as air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 1/1. It offers a number of benefits to make your life easier and help you improve the productivity of your kitchen.

This high-quality equipment is a must if you want to get excellent results. It combines many innovations in this field to fulfill all customer needs.

Electrolux air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 1/1

  • Magnetic gasket door with a hygienic design is easily removable;
  • Different freezing cycles to suit all needs and requests;
  • Saving energy on a regular basis and maintaining target temperatures;
  • Large displays provided by a control unit to read core temperatures and other important data;
  • The multi-purpose internal structure that sits grids;
  • High-density and thick insulation;
  • Eco-friendliness and extra safety;
  • Durable stainless steel components and an integrated solenoid valve;
  • The automated detection of a core probe insertion;
  • USB connection to let users download important data, such as alarms, cavity temperatures, and time;
  • Automatically recording all the data about different operating modes;
  • Guaranteed performance at ambient temperature levels;
  • Evaporator with corrosion resistance;
  • The automatic door frame is heated;
  • Waterproof fan and motors;
  • 3-sensor temperature probes perfect for manual and automatic defrosting;
  • Audible alarms when cycles terminate abnormally or end;
  • Plumbing the wastewater into the drain or collect it into a container;
  • PC connection and specialized cooling cycles;
  • Setting the best parameters for chilling automatically;
  • Round corners for regular maintenance and cleaning;
  • Control unit with different operating settings that are easy to program;
  • Easy access to the evaporator for cleaning purposes;
  • Turbo cooling is perfect for continuous production because the unit works continuously;
  • Probe-driven cycles.

Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 1/1 price

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