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Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 2/1

Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 2/1

Electrolux Professional manufactured excellent chilling equipment for professional kitchens, such as the air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 2/1. These top-quality appliances are reliable, powerful, and ergonomic.

They provide users with excellent savings of their time and money, thanks to a number of innovative and beneficial features.

 Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 2/1

  • Integrated refrigeration unit and round corners for regular maintenance;
  • Manual and automatic defrost;
  • Turbo cooling function and special cycles for ice-cream;
  • Service and HACCP alarms with data logging;
  • Evaporator with anticorrosion protection;
  • Main components in sturdy stainless steel;
  • Digital time and temperature display;
  • Automated detection of the food probe insertion;
  • Cruise cycle for 100% automatic blast chilling with a food probe;
  • Accommodating 36 ice-cream basins;
  • USB connectivity and built-in solenoid valve;
  • Waterproof motors and fans;
  • Ambient temperatures for the best performance;
  • The hygienic design of a magnetic gasket and easily removable door;
  • The door frame is heated automatically;
  • Optimized cooling unit efficiency, thanks to a thermostatic expansion valve;
  • Wastewater drain and optional container;
  • Eco-friendly and durable construction;
  • Different freezing and chilling cycles;
  • Cruise cycle to set the best parameters for chilling;
  • Turbo cooling to make units work continuously at the necessary temperature;
  • High-density and thick insulation;
  • Great energy savings and maintaining targeted temperatures;
  • Recording relevant information, such as time, cycles, and temperatures;
  • Audible alarms when the cycle terminates or finishes;
  • Control displays with important service information;
  • 3-sensor core probes and the automated detection of their insertion;
  • Settings are easily programmable.

Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezer: 10 GN 2/1 price

Consider Maran Projekt GmbH when shopping for top-quality equipment manufactured by Electrolux Professional. It’s an official distributor of this brand with long-years of expertise. Prices are highly reasonable to suit all customer needs.

They vary according to specific accessories, models, and configurations. You’re sure to save a lot of time and money if you choose these excellent and ergonomic kitchen appliances.

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