Electrolux AOS202ECA2 ELECTRIC CONVECTION OVEN 20 GN 2/1 LW (Code 269205), Alias 9PDD269205

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Electrolux AOS202ECA2 Product Features

Convection oven with direct steam: 90% steam saturation in 4 minutes.air-o-flow: fresh air is blown into the oven from the outside, after it is pre-heated it is pulled through the bi-functional fan, guaranteeing cooking evenness. Manual injection of water to add additional moisture in the cell.air-o-clean: built-in cleaning system with four automatic pre-set cycles and one semi-automatic cleaning cycle.  Cooking cycles: hot air (25-300 °C) combined with 11 different humidity settings, ranging from browning to baking and par-steaming. 2-step cooking with the possibility to combine different cycles.  Full speed and pulse ventilation controls. Food probe for precise cooking. Double-glass door with book-like opening maintains a cool external temperature and incorporates a drip pan to collect excess condensation avoiding wet floors. Halogen lighting in the cooking chamber. Side panels and interior in AISI 304 stainless steel.Supplied with n.1 trolley rack 2/1GN, 63mm pitch and door shield. Buy Electrolux AOS202ECA2 ELECTRIC CONVECTION OVEN 20 GN 2/1 LW (Code 269205) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).

Electrolux AOS202ECA2 Specifications

  • Brand : Electrolux
  • Model : AOS202ECA2
  • WxDxH mm : 1243x1107x1795 mm
  • Shipping Status : Е
  • Weight : 358 Kg
  • Alias : 9PDD269205
  • Status : cancelled in exaustion
  • Factory Model : AOS202ECA2
  • Customs_Class : 8419818090
  • Country of origin : Italy
  • Net Weight : 358.00 kg
  • Net Width : 1243
  • Net Depth : 1107
  • Net Height : 1795
  • Europe Weight : 388.00 Kg
  • Europe Width : 1,170 mm
  • Europe Height : 2,040 mm
  • Overseas Weight : 0.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth : 1,300 mm
  • Overseas_Height : 2,130 mm
  • Electrical power : 50 Kw
  • Voltage : 380-400 V
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Phases : 3N
  • Start-End Production : cancelled
Shipping Status

Electrolux AOS202ECA2 Shipping Status

Electrolux AOS202ECA2 (269205)

The Electrolux AOS202ECA2 (269205) electric convection oven is a top choice because of its high functionality and reliability.

Consider many benefits that any kitchen can get with its help.

Main features

  • Manual water injection to add extra moisture;
  • Bi-functional fan with variable speeds;
  • Double thermo-glazed door;
  • Built-in self-cleaning system with automatic cycles;
  • Spray water protection;
  • Guaranteed cooking evenness;
  • Fast service access to major components;
  • Different humidity settings;
  • Food probe for precise cooking;
  • Low energy and water consumption;
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction;
  • Different settings to suit all needs;
  • Drip pan to collect excess moisture;
  • Seamless cooking chamber with halogen lights;
  • Swing hinged front panel;
  • Exhaust valve to control humidity for crispy results;
  • 2-step cooking to combine different cycles;
  • Manual and automatic cooling activation;
  • Open-frame door construction,

Electrolux AOS202ECA2 price

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