Crosswise Convection Ovens

Electrolux Professional Crosswise Convection Ovens

Maran Projekt GmbH introduces Crosswise convection ovens from Electrolux as excellent solutions for professional cookery. It’s an official international distributor of the well-established brand and offers many benefits to all consumers.

Electrolux Crosswise convection ovens offer the best solution to your needs. Many consumers worldwide choose the Crosswise cooking equipment because of:

  • Durable stainless steel structure;
  • Seamless joints in the cavity;
  • Cavity lighting;
  • Different cooking cycles (convection, humidifier, and air convection);
  • Double-glazed door with tempered glass;
  • Semi-automated cleaning cycle for easy maintenance;
  • Unique air-flow channel system;
  • Atmospheric burner;
  • 2 functional levels (manual and base);
  • 2 roll-in rack slides;
  • 5 selectable cooking functions, including defrost, true fan cooking, standard, fast, and turbo grilling;
  • Crosswise pan supports to provide an unobstructed and clear view of the products that you cook;
  • Complete air-o-flow coverage to guarantee a superior cooking performance;
  • Easily removed racks;
  • Easy entry side grids to facilitate the insertion of a pan;
  • Enameled cooking chamber.

Electrolux Professional Crosswise Convection Ovens Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable international supplier of Electrolux Crosswise convection ovens and other equipment pieces. Prices are reasonable and range from €1,450 to €8,631 according to personal needs. More advanced models of convection ovens are more expensive, but they all deliver exceptional functionality and durability. Whatever Electrolux oven model you choose, you get the highest value because it will pay for itself over time.

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