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Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS ELECTRIC BRATT PAN WITH STIRRER 150 LT (Code 291149, Alias 9IIU291149)

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Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS Product Features

Made from AISI 304 stainless steel. Heavy duty 3mm thick top. Pan with walls 2mm in thickness and bottom 18mm in thickness. Lid fitted on hinges with counter-balancing springs. Stirrer equipped with harmonic steel arms and teflon blade. Speed-adjustable continuous stirring system with the possibility of inverting the direction of rotation. Pan tilting with safety device. Safety device to cut off power when well is raised. 24-V. control panel featuring electronic temperature regulator, electronic analogic timer, pushbutton control for the tilting and return of the pan and mixer speed regulator. Hot and cold water tap. Working temperature from 120 to 220°C. Pre-arranged for connection to integrated HACCP system. IPX5 water protection.  Ideal for the cooking of sauces, stews, polenta, risotto and for the preparation of braised and browned meat.Electric heating via stainless steel elements mounted directly onto the pan base; heating transmission by conduction.Well capacity: 180 litres. Usefull capacity: 150 litres.
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Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS Specifications

  • Brand: Electrolux Professional
  • Model: IBRSE14SS
  • WxDxH mm: 1450x1250x1095 mm
  • Weight: 661 Kg
  • Alias: 9IIU291149
  • Factory Model: BRE180Z
  • Customs_Class: 8419818090
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Net Width: 1450
  • Net Depth: 1250
  • Net Height: 1095
  • Electrical power: 15 Kw
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phases: 3N

Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS Documents

Shipping status

Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS Shipping status


Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS (291149)

Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS (291149) is what you need for your large catering establishments of restaurants, canteens, hospitals, and so on.

The equipment is designed for food heat treatment directly on the surface of the frying pan. Your frying, stewing, boiling, and poaching will be perfect!

Main Features

  • Made from stainless steel material;
  • Can work with the lid open;
  • Operation in the temperature range: 120-220 °C;
  • Total capacity: 180 L;
  • 18-mm thick bottom;
  • Availability of a tilting mechanism;
  • Smooth surface;
  • Possibility to adjust the speed of its stirrer;
  • Possibility to direct rotation of its stirrer;
  • Water is filled manually;
  • Corresponding to international quality standards;
  • Existence of CE marking.

Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS Price

Electrolux Professional IBRSE14SS (291149) is such equipment you can buy at an available price offered by its official dealer Maran Projekt GmbH.     

The employees of this company are experts in their field as they have great experience of more than 20 years. So they can speak both English and German and chat with you in any language delivering their goods to wherever you live.