Electrolux Professional Automatic tilting bratt pans with stirrer

Electrolux Professional Automatic Tilting Bratt Pans with Stirrer

The range of titling bratt pans includes different models with a variety of well capacities. They are equipped with a stirrer and are powered either by electricity or gas. High-quality machines are perfect for cooking all kinds of sauces, creams, stews, polenta, jam, béchamel, and rice. They are also often used to prepare browned or braised meat. Take advantage of the increased efficiency of tiling bratt pans.

  • IPX 5 control panel is easy to use;
  • Great labor savings;
  • Low voltage;
  • Balanced lid;
  • Stainless steel construction that withstands regular wear and tear, corrosion and rust;
  • Stirring speeds and power with reverse are easy to adjust;
  • Long-lasting blades are easily replaced;
  • Suitable for stewing, braising, and cooking dense and thick meals that require ongoing stirring at high temperatures;
  • Improved food quality, thanks to temperature evenness and gentle blade action;
  • Stirrer is equipped with Teflon blades and steel arms for prolonged durability;
  • All stirring operations are automated to save time;
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain;
  • Safety decide to cut off power.

Electrolux Professional Automatic Tilting Bratt Pans with Stirrer Price

To get the best price on the tiling bratt pans designed by Electrolux, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s a reliable distributor of professional equipment worldwide. You can get high-quality machines for quite competitive prices that range from €46,079 to €51,087. The final price that you pay depends on basic specifications, including a weight, electric or gas power, etc. No matter of your choice, be sure that tilting pans are designed to provide you with the best performance, cooking results, and efficiency.

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