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Electrolux Professional EBE06 ELECTRIC BOILING PAN 60 LT-EASYLINE (Code 232093, Alias 9AIX232093)

Substituted by EBE60AWF (232187) Temporarily Unavailable Similar Models Price/Replacement request
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Electrolux Professional EBE06 Product Features

Buy Electrolux Professional EBE06 ELECTRIC BOILING PAN 60 LT-EASYLINE (Code 232093) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).

Electrolux Professional EBE06 Specifications

  • Brand: Electrolux Professional
  • Model: EBE06
  • WxDxH mm: 988x700x900 mm
  • Weight: 91 Kg
  • Alias: 9AIX232093
  • Factory Model: EBE60..
  • Customs_Class: 8419818090
  • Country of origin: Sweden
  • Net Weight: 91.00 kg
  • Net Width: 988
  • Net Depth: 700
  • Net Height: 900
  • Europe Weight: 102.00 Kg
  • Europe Width: 780 mm
  • Europe Height: 1,140 mm
  • Overseas Weight: 102.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth: 1,120 mm
  • Overseas_Height: 1,180 mm
  • Electrical power: 12 Kw
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phases: 3N
  • Start-End Production: 232187
  • SUBST_URL: https://www.maran-pro.com/en/electrolux/industrial-and-other-cooking/other-cooking/boiling-pans/232187/
Shipping status

Electrolux Professional EBE06 Shipping status

Electrolux Professional EBE06 (232093)

Choose Electrolux Professional EBE06 (232093), and it will become an essential assistant in the kitchen of your catering facility: restaurant, cafe, or canteen.

The equipment is designed for cooking first courses and vegetables and boiling large volumes of liquids. Using this, your cooking will take a little time and your dishes will be very tasty.

Main Features

  • The construction is made from stainless steel;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Simple stirring system;
  • The round bottom of the pan that allows cooking in small amounts
  • Electric tilting of the pan;
  • High speed of cooking;
  • Even heating of the bottom and walls of the pan;
  • Control of the minimum water levels with a safety thermostat;
  • High-quality thermal insulation;
  • Full emptying of the pan due to its tilting by 90°.

Electrolux Professional EBE06 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH has been an expert in Electrolux Professional equipment for more than 20 years. Electrolux Professional EBE06 (232093) is its best offer for you in terms of price-quality ratio as it has a cheap price and high performance.

Contact the company employees, and you will receive their free consultation concerning the equipment in German on English or any other language.