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Electrolux Professional Boiling pans

Tilting and stationary Electrolux Professional boiling pans are designed for large public catering establishments: hotel restaurants, corporate canteens, hospitals, kitchen factories (including airports).

Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans

Stationary and tilting boiling pans are designed by Electrolux Professional for big public catering establishments, such as corporate canteens, hotel restaurants, kitchen factories, and hospitals. All units are equipped with innovative touch control panels, which are noticeable screens with intuitive symbols to set the necessary power and temperature levels. Each model has the IPX6 tightness index and the design that protects from the negative effects of powerful water jets during cleaning. Electrolux Professional boiling pans allow users to achieve unrivaled cooking results in terms of the consistency, taste, and vivid colors of meals. They also preserve all valuable nutrients and vitamins. The use of crucibles and digesters under pressure allows you to reduce energy consumption and cooking time. High-quality boiling pans are crafted by Electrolux Professional for all kinds of heavy-duty requirements of commercial kitchens.

Each unit is equipped with an innovative touch control panel. A noticeable screen from a distance, your language interface, intuitive symbols for setting the temperature and power level. Both boilers and frying pans have a tightness index IPX6, this design protects the equipment from the effects of powerful jets of water during cleaning (units can be washed from a hose under pressure with a water flow of 100 l / min, which is 8 times the permissible values ​​for the IPX5 seal index).

Cooking boilers and crucible frying pans under pressure allow achieving unrivaled results: taste, consistency, vivid colors of dishes, as well as preservation of vitamins and valuable nutrients. In addition, the use of digesters and crucibles under pressure reduces cooking time and energy consumption.

Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans

They are high-performance units designed to handle high power and huge capacity. Boiling pans feature perfect motor-tilting abilities with a convenient electronic control panel. External panels, lids, jackets, and well are made of top-quality and durable AISI stainless steel. The bottom of units is corrosion-resistant. The indirect heating system enables the even heating of food products from side walls and bases. This feature is guaranteed by the jacket automated de-aeration system because it contains the internally generated saturated steam at the right temperature.

You have a complete control over such important functionalities of the Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment as setting cooking time, starting, water filling, temperature level, and even speed. Boiling pans have a curved base to allow appliances with the smaller quantity of food. They offer your ultimate solution for cooking efficiency, precision, and productivity. The unique technology introduced by Electrolux Professional helps you optimize all cooking processes while taking advantage of incomparable simplicity, maximum flexibility, profitability, hygiene, and productivity.

What are other excellent features that deserve your attention and ensure high efficiency?

  • The electronic control panel in multiple languages allows users to stop about 50 programs;
  • The big display ensures ease of use and better visibility;
  • Can be easily filled because pouring lips are higher compared to other models available in the market;
  • Overpressure of the steam in jackets is easily avoided because of a safety valve;
  • User-friendly design;
  • Easy handling, thanks to different ergonomic features;
  • 100% safe because of IPX5 water protection and low temperatures outside panels;
  • Low oxygen present in the air volume to prevent the unwanted oxidation of vitamins and nutrients;
  • The reduction of cooking times in cooking and heating cycles;
  • The heat inside wells is maintained at a specific temperature by highly efficient Electrolux Professional heating technology.

Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans Price

Professional boiling pans are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. The company provides consumers with many benefits, including extra offers, durability, and reasonable prices. They range from €5,489 to €41,533 according to different specifications, such as the capacity, type, and weight of units and whether they have electrical power. All boiling pans provide exceptional reliability and performance, no matter which one you choose.

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