Electrolux Tumble Dryer PD9 (mod 9871920001)

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Electrolux 9871920001 Product Features

190lt, tumble dryer with Compass Pro® microprocessor.

The new product line of tumble dryers is designed by Electrolux to allow users to have everything under their control. Pay attention to innovative microprocessor technology and alternative settings that can help you achieve the best drying flexibility with ease. The revolutionary design of this professional laundry equipment provides customers with a long list of great benefits.

Order high-quality tumble dryers created by this well-established manufacturer and benefit from cutting-edge functions and amazing energy savings. It’s one of the top choices of modern consumers, thanks to improved ergonomics and flexibility. Focus on different innovative features and advanced performance. These tumble dryers are excellent for hospitals, hotels, schools, and many other facilities. More and more users are appreciating easy drying operations, excellent engineering, and low maintenance costs.

Electrolux PD9 tumble dryer advantages:

  • Large-capacity tumble dryer for commercial uses;
  • Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • The best drying results;
  • Reversed door hanging for a convenient flow of laundry operations;
  • White painted cabinet;
  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • Large door opening for simple and quick loading and unloading;
  • Fresh air intake;
  • Increased reliability and productivity;
  • Compliance with international standards and industry requirements;
  • Reduced power consumption to provide users with regular savings on their energy bills;
  • Optimal efficiency and hygiene levels;
  • Special anti-crease cycle to avoid any creasing, especially when tumble dryers aren’t unloaded;
  • Convenient selection of time and temperature for simple and efficient laundry operations;
  • EcoPower and coin versions to avoid over-drying and guarantee low energy consumption.

Electrolux Professional PD9 tumble dryer price

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They vary based on such product specifications as power, sizes, load capacity, and others. The distributor can ship customer orders to many countries in a convenient and fast manner. Whatever tumble dryer you order, you’ll make a sound investment because of the benefits offered by this manufacturer.

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Electrolux 9871920001 Specifications

  • PNC : 9871920001
  • Obsolete : N
  • Codification : A
  • Model : PD9
  • Voltage supply : 400 Volt
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Phase : 3 phases with neutral
  • Brand name : Electrolux
  • Languages : CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FI, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR
  • Drum volume : 190 litres (PD9)
  • Control system : Compass Pro no buttons/coin
  • Heating : Electrical heating
  • Colour front : White
  • Colour side : White
  • Door hinged : Left hinged
  • Payment system : None
  • Supply disconnector : No
  • Drum material : Galvanized drum
  • Program : 6L89 PD9 Laundrette Time
  • Heating power : 8 KW Electric
  • Country : Europe
  • Management systems : None
  • Coin meter : None
  • Reversing drum : No
  • Residual moisture control (RMC) : No
  • Frequency control : No
  • Stop button : No
  • Extra I/O board for Compass Pro : No
  • Marine variant : No
  • Lagoon Woolmark : No
  • Condensing unit : No
  • External connection (1,25 A) : Yes
  • Exhaust damper : No

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