Electrolux Tumble dryers - Compass Pro

Advanced tumble dryers are designed by Electrolux to provide users with innovations, performance, and energy savings.

Professional drying equipment is perfect for any working setting, thanks to easy-to-use Compass Pro Control. Take advantage of easy operations, low maintenance, and eco-friendly engineering.

Electrolux professional tumble dryers - Compass Pro are everything you need for highly efficient drying results.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Tumble Dryers - Compass Pro

High-quality machines guarantee outstanding drying solutions because of increased functionality.

  • High productivity because tumble dryers can handle 2 full loads on an hourly basis;
  • Tight construction and axial airflow guarantees low energy consumption;
  • Large door opening for simple loading and unloading;
  • Compass Pro program controls;
  • Excellent water evaporation efficiency;
  • Ergonomic and easy access to a special lint screen;
  • Clear and large display is easy to use;
  • Control knobs for a fast program selection;
  • User-friendly interface is easily accessed;
  • Drying program packages are optimized for the best care, economy, and time;
  • Easy language selection for added customer convenience;
  • USB connectivity;
  • Service programming to easily adjust all parameters;
  • Reversing drum to avoid unwanted wrinkling and tangling;
  • Easy access to all elements for simple servicing;
  • Improved drying efficiency and guaranteed easy flatwork finishing;
  • Special coin versions to avoid over-drying and ensure lower energy consumption;
  • Reversible door handling for a comfortable laundry flow;
  • Large display is easy to use;
  • Quick selection option and start buttons for all popular drying programs;
  • Automated signals and buzzers;
  • Automated anti-crease cycle to prevent creasing;
  • Special error codes for simple and fast trouble shooting;
  • Displaying selected, cool down, and remaining drying times in addition to moisture and temperature levels;
  • Different tailor-made drying programs;
  • Easy adjustment of temperature settings, cool down times, and other settings.

The unique Residual Moisture Control option is offered in all tumble dryers. It’s designed to prevent any damage to garments caused by over-drying. It also reduced wrinkles by stopping machines automatically when a programmed moisture level is reached. The amount of residual moisture in all fabrics is important for the best finishing results.

If your load will be further processed by ironers, the system shuts down tumble dryers automatically while there’s still sufficient moisture to do that. With highly efficient machines, you can benefit from significant energy and labor savings in addition to a prolonged linen life. Electrolux is fully dedicated to provide consumers with the best engineered dryers. If you have a limited time, TimeManager allow you to decrease drying time and get the best results.

Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryers - Compass Pro Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the best place to buy highly efficient tumble dryers at competitive rates. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux professional drying equipment worldwide. Prices on top-quality tumble dryers range from €1,843 to €10,469 based on such characteristics as voltage supply, control system, heating, payment system, and heating power. No matter which Compass Pro dryer you choose, Electrolux ensures its outstanding performance, ergonomics, easy maintenance, increased laundry productivity, and quality.

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