Electrolux Professional Ice Makers - Hollow Cubes

Electrolux Professional ice makers hollow cubes

Electrolux designs the range of ice makers hollow cubes to suit all customer needs and help them increase their productivity. They produce ice cubes that are slow to melt and guarantee the optimal performance under any circumstances.

Electrolux ice makers hollow cubes features

  • Compliance with international certification regulations and industry standards;
  • Compact sizes of ice cubes and suitability for any commercial location;
  • Innovative ice-making technology and the paddle system to ensure pure, compact, and crystal ice cubes;
  • Excellent performance even with a hard water supply;
  • High hygiene levels of ice cubes;
  • Reduced water and energy consumption to provide users with regular savings;
  • Fully automated operations;
  • Available in special air-cooled versions;
  • Durable stainless steel construction resistant to corrosion and regular wear and tear;
  • Guaranteed reliability, thanks to top-notch construction materials;
  • Ice cubes are resistant to fast melting;
  • Stainless steel exterior;
  • Plastic flaps on all sizes in stainless steel;
  • Ice productivity isn’t affected by limestone;
  • Long-term service life and increased ergonomics.

Electrolux Professional ice makers hollow cubes price

Turn to Maran Projekt GmbH when looking for an official supplier of Electrolux equipment because it specializes in distributing kitchen appliances designed by this brand internationally. Prices are very attractive and they can fit any budget size perfectly. Prices on ice makers vary from €1,432.84 to €2,297.04 based on different models and their features, such as the capability to produce hollow cubes per hour. All units are made by Electrolux to serve customer for a long time and provide them with great energy savings.

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