Electrolux Professional Ice Flakers

Electrolux Professional ice flakers

High-quality ice flakers are manufactured and designed by Electrolux to meet all sizes of professional kitchens. They are available in different models and can produce from 21kg to 200kg of ice flakes per 24 hours, thus offering incredible efficiency.

Electrolux ice flakers features

  • Sturdy stainless steel external panels;
  • The innovative ice-making method and the crushing system to guarantee pure and compact ice resistant to fast melting;
  • Water-cooled technology and guarantees ergonomics;
  • Different container capacities;
  • Compliance with international safety requirements and industry standards;
  • Fully automatic operations and easy maintenance;
  • Equipped with a bin;
  • Suitable for gravity drains and no pumps are needed;
  • Standard plugs;
  • Durable stainless steel exterior;
  • Equipped with drain hoses and flexible water supply;
  • Adjustable feet;
  • Stainless steel spray arms are easy to remove without any tools;
  • High hygiene levels and easy cleaning;
  • Reliable construction, thanks to high-quality materials;
  • Easy handling and installation;
  • Reduced water and energy consumption for guaranteed savings;
  • Improved user safety and high efficiency;
  • Suitable for all settings.

Electrolux Professional ice flakers price

Choose Maran Projekt GmbH when ordering top-notch ice flakers. It’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux appliances that distributes them to different parts of the world. The company attracts clients with budget-friendly prices that make this equipment a sound investment. They vary from €2,611.45 to €6,798.72 based on product features and specifications, such as productivity ratings. Every ice flaker is made by Electrolux with utmost flexibility, outstanding quality, and durability.

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