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Professional Laundry Equipment


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

The professional laundry equipment designed and manufactured by Electrolux is characterized by excellent durability, flexibility, and economy. That’s why it enables customers to run their efficient and profitable business. Different ironing, washing, and drying machines are internationally distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH at quite competitive rates.

They serve their users for a very long time, thanks to their increased reliability and strong structure. Another benefit is that Electrolux laundry machines require less maintenance while being optimized for different settings and operations.

Electrolux Laundry Washing Equipment

Front Load, Side Load, Barrier and Wash & Dry Machines:
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Drying, Ironing and Finishing Equipment

Hydro extractors, Dryers, Ironers and Finishers:
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Electrolux professional laundry equipment benefits

Think about reduced operational costs and other savings. Professional equipment for laundries consumes less detergent aid, electricity, and water, thus making their use highly efficient. All Electrolux systems are ergonomic and easy to use. Their interface is user-friendly and offers many programs with customized options to provide the best laundry performance. The Electrolux range sold by its official distributor Maran Projekt GmbH includes:

  • Side load barrier washers;
  • Front load washers;
  • Side load washers;
  • Drying cabinets;
  • Tumble dryers;
  • Ironing lane;
  • Ironers;
  • Hydro extractors;
  • Finishing equipment;
  • Wash and dry machines.

Electrolux guarantees of excellent laundry performance

Electrolux professional laundry equipment is created with intelligent features and excellent in mind, thus making it possible for modern consumers to make their businesses more successful. That’s because all of their needs, dreams, and comments are taken into consideration by Electrolux.

Washing machines:

  • Automated and integrated weighing systems;
  • Speed soaking;
  • Super balance;
  • Effective detergent management;
  • Management information system;
  • Dynamic balancing;
  • Smart extraction;
  • Wet cleaning perfection.

Ironing machines:

  • Thermal power steam;
  • Flexible trimmer;
  • Advanced moisture management;
  • Multilayer cylinders.


  • Controlled drum speed;
  • Residual moisture control;
  • Reverse drum system.

Maran Projekt GmbH distributes Electrolux professional laundry equipment for sale to provide customers with decreased running costs and amazing savings. They’re enabled by effective dosing systems and residual moisture control. All units are convenient and easy to use because all operators can work with them easily. Feel free to order commercial laundry solutions from this official distributor from any part of the world.

Advantages guaranteed by Electrolux professional laundry equipment

This highly efficient equipment provides all users with the following benefits:

  • Minimized water consumption and power use;
  • Innovative features and advanced technologies;
  • Faster washing and drying cycles to guarantee that extra clothes can be processed in less time;
  • Top-notch and economic drying processes to provide the best results;
  • The best ironing performance;
  • Decreased water retention capabilities;
  • Excellent ironing solutions for professional laundries, including folding and feeding systems and ironing lanes;
  • Effective technical and customer support;
  • Ultimate and reliable services;
  • A large service network across the globe.

Electrolux commercial laundry systems

Electrolux professional laundry equipment trading offers from Maran Projekt GmbH are worth your attention because it’s one of the most famous brands in the industry for manufacturing top-class systems for commercial purposes. They all come with maximized performances, increased durability, and extended service life compared to other similar laundry solutions available in the modern market.

Electrolux designs industry-leading laundry solutions manufactured using advanced technologies and precision engineering, thus enabling customers to benefit from this equipment in many ways. Order it online from Maran Projekt GmbH, and your orders will be delivered fast and safely. Every customer service request is attended with no delays.

Electrolux strives very hard to provide innovative features and functions to professional laundries after their diligent development and research. This is what enables it to deliver superb products in every aspect, from high-quality materials and innovative characteristics to improved performance and excellent energy-saving capabilities.

Electrolux laundry systems cover all the needs of care houses, hospitals, and medical centers. They offer a high level of accuracy in hygiene and barrier washer concepts with effective protection and antibacterial effects. Robust and compact machines have a range of intelligent features, including ecopower and compass control, which make them highly efficient, convenient, and affordable in any commercial laundry setting.

Electrolux professional equipment for laundries is distributed in many parts of the world, including such countries as Canada, UK, NZ, India, Phillipines, Ireland, Singapore, Austrlia, etc. Such cities as Toronto, Denver, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Brisbane, Dallas TX, Richmond VA, West Palm Beach, Miami, Mellbourne, Chicago, Apopka FL, and others value a high level of quality and reliability of this equipment. You can order it in any state of Canada or the US, such as Florida, Utah, etc.

Electrolux professional laundry equipment prices

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official distributor of Electrolux that delivers outstanding systems for commercial laundries worldwide. Prices are quite reasonable, so they can fit customers with any budget.

They exclude different taxes and shipping expenses and vary according to the unit type you want to order and its basic characteristics, such as its size, weight, power supply, and so on. Don’t hesitate to invest your money in highly efficient laundry equipment manufactured by a leading brand because it’s the best solution for businesses.

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