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Electrolux Professional Line 5000


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Electrolux Professional Line 5000

The device generation of the 5000 series with its state-of-the-art technology is another milestone within Electrolux's extensive laundry solutions. The range has been developed for a variety of professional requirements, from self-service to catering to industry, from health care providers to commercial laundries.

The design of the new line 5000 was attended by users as well as professionals from the laundrette sector from all over the world, whose knowledge and know-how contributed to improving product quality, ergonomics and design. Particular attention has been paid to specific challenges faced by many professionals, such as extreme climatic conditions, high temperatures or high humidity, unstable sites, and areas suffering from large rodent populations.

Electrolux line 5000 in catalogue:

Intelligent, environmentally friendly and economical

The 5000 series of washing machines and dryers combine all technology with "green" thinking and cost-saving elements. They stand for the commitment of Electrolux Professional for a continuous sustainability and are 95% recyclable. Their energy-efficient, long-lasting, robust construction and high-tech manufacturing take care of the environment at every point of production and use.

The Line 5000 offers professional customers real benefits and improvements in three key areas: longevity, economy and flexibility.

Higher longevity

Washing machines and dryers of the 5000 series are designed for a longer service life. Their high performance components require less maintenance and are optimized for all types of operation in all environments.

Better economy

The unique new efficiency of the 5000 series means that you consume less water and electricity during washing and drying cycles. The 5000 series (linha 5000) reduces the operating costs and reduces the environmental impact - with the same quality.

Maximum flexibility

Ergonomics, performance, safety and efficiency are key factors in design at Electrolux. The new Compass Pro® series 5000 series are easy to use, intelligent and available in 18 languages. Compass Pro® is the brain of the 5000 series and allows Electrolux to offer tailor-made solutions for every type of laundry company - with up to 55 programs, 15 of which are programmable. Compass Pro® can be combined with the Certus Management ™ Information System (CMIS), a high-quality process monitoring system that enables users to control and document all processes to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness. The Compass Pro® control panel also has a USB port that facilitates the installation of the latest software version.

Other user-friendly functions are Power Balance, Automatic Saving System, Triangle technology. And the fast-start buttons, a voice output that leads through the entire washing and drying process and a multilingual selection. Another way to save time and energy is Electrolux Professional with its new Evolution series of washing centrifugal machines with partition function. The Evolution series is the ideal solution to ensure long-term full control of wash quality, maintenance and hygiene, while at the same time optimizing efficiency, safety and work efficiency.

Maintenance and service

Reliable worldwide presence: Electrolux Professional offers the most comprehensive service network of qualified, authorized partners for daily tasks: installation, spare parts and maintenance. All offer efficient customer support and fast technical support. A global service network for fast, competent expert advice worldwide.

  • 1,900 authorized service centers
  • Over 7,000 technicians
  • 44,000 spare parts available in stock
  • Spare parts are available for at least ten years from the date of production
  • Spare parts deliveries worldwide in 24 to 48 hours
  • 20,000 customers served daily

Electrolux professional line 5000 summary

Electrolux Professional company represents a line of washing and drying machines, developed on the basis of experience of experts in the field of professional laundry equipment: Electrolux 5000 really effectively solves the daily problems of industry experts.

When creating the line, special attention was paid to the nuances of professional activity related to work in conditions of excessive humidity and high temperatures: the Electrolux Line 5000 has the highest productivity, is extremely durable and provides a decent quality of product processing, without requiring complicated maintenance.

Machines of this series are designed to work with products of a wide range (from delicate laundry to working uniforms) and are resistant to possible voltage interruptions. Given the heavy physical labor of the operator, an intuitive interface with the option of selecting washing programs is very appropriate, and voice prompts realized in 18 languages can be made even simpler. Novelties are equipped with various unique functions (automatic weighing system, residual moisture control system, etc.) and will save water, electricity and detergents.

Electrolux Professional 5000 Line

Electrolux is one of the most popular laundry machine brand that always strive to reinvent itself by constantly experimenting with its laundry techniques and methodologies to provide machines that consume less energy, water and detergent and prove to be a cost saving factor for industries and for home usage. Recently, it has launched a new line of laundry machines that has been developed after years of research and based on the suggestions from specialists and experts in the field of professional laundry systems. The new line of machines are names as Electrolux Professional Line 5000 and it hopes to solve a lot of problems faced by industries in their laundry requirements.

These line of new machines were carefully designed and developed after taking into account a lot of problems including the working of machines in extreme humid condition or in environment having high temperatures. The professional activity is also taken into account during the design and development of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 machines. With these things taken care of, the Electrolux 5000 series has received positive reviews from many industrial laundry experts and end-users. This series also has been renowned for providing the highest productivity and proved to be highly durable and flexible. The Electrolux 5000 series can run for a long time without any issues and less maintenance. The Electrolux Professional linha 5000 series are also designed to work uninterruptedly even during voltage fluctuations and offers a wide range of products.

The Electrolux 5000 series has a wide range of machines including:

Electrolux Side load Barrier Washers

  • Hyvolution 500 litres G5000
    • Electrolux Barrier washer Hyvolution range WHB5500H (mod 9892420001)
    • Electrolux Barrier washer Hyvolution range WHB5500H (mod 9892420002)
  • Pocket 130-180 litres G5000
    • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WB5130H (mod 9869120006)
    • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WB5130H (mod 9869120020)
    • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WB5180H (mod 9869220009)
    • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WB5180H (mod 9869220016)

Electrolux Side load Washers

  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WS5250H (mod 9894220003)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120007)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120008)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120009)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120041)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120023)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120049)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120010)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5250H (mod 9891220010)
  • Electrolux Barrier washer extractor WSB5180H (mod 9891120026)

Electrolux Wash & Dry Machines

  • Electrolux Washer-Dryer WD5130 (mod 9868520007)
  • Electrolux Washer-Dryer WD5130 (mod 9868520005)
  • Electrolux Washer-Dryer WD5240 (mod 9868620006)
  • Electrolux Washer-Dryer WD5240 (mod 9868620001)

The Electrolux Professional line 5000 series has a very intuitive user interface with a lot of options to select the required wash programs. Even voice prompts are accepted and what more, voices from 18 languages are recognized by these advanced 5000 series laundry systems. It also comes with other unique features like automatic weighing system, residual moisture control system, etc.