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NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP – a unique model of this fabulous series

NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP – a unique model of this fabulous series

We would like to draw your attention to a unique model of this fabulous series – NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP.

NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP is a unique and patented solution ideal for heavy duty use, easier cooking, allowing you to save more than 10% in energy consumption and providing, at the same time, best-in-class hygiene.

  • Perfect cooking performance

Uniform heating throughout the surface, no cold zones, ensuring maximum results regardless of where the food is placed. 20mm thick heavy duty plate provides high thermal inertia for fast temperature recovery.

  • Robust and hygienic

PATENTED non-scratch surface of NitroChrome3 guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and corrosion in addition to improving the non-stick properties of the cooking plate, ensuring express cleaning at the end of the day

  • Cost savings

NitroChrome3 surface allows a savings of more than 10% in energy consumption during the pre-heating phase and approximately one third

in stand-by, compared to mild steel surfaces.

  • IcyHot Concept – exclusive solution combining the NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP or PowerGrillHP to the Ref-freezer base for the highest productivity and flexibility.

Here there are our beautiful and stylish videos on NitroChrome3 Fry TopHP & IcyHot:

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