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Air-o-Convect Touchline Gas Ovens

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline Gas Ovens

Electrolux Professional is a well-established and reputable brand because of long years of development and the most advanced equipment solutions. Air-o-steam Touchline gas ovens can fit any catering segment and other buyers. Many modern consumers choose Electrolux Professional cooking equipment due to its simplicity, smooth service, and durability. Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable international supplier of the global leader in food servicing.

Air-o-steam Touchline gas ovens are water injected and state-of-art units that offer the features seen in premium Electrolux Professional versions. Ovens are available at more economic prices and deliver simplicity and functionality to all users through:

  • Full HD touch screen with interactive controls for ease of use;
  • 3 cooking modes (manual, automatic, and programs);
  • Spray-injection generated steam;
  • Electronically controlled valve to exhaust excess humidity;
  • Core probe for excellent internal temperature cooking;
  • Multi-timer cooking with e-chef libraries;
  • Air-o-clean built-in self-cleaning system for easy maintenance;
  • 1000 programs with different phases;
  • HACCP data logging;
  • USB port to upload and download programs;
  • Auto fast cooling and preheat;
  • Installation inspection and training;
  • Standard water treatment and drain kit system.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline Gas Ovens Price

Buy air-o-steam Touchline gas ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH to benefit from competitive prices, ranging from €8,959 to €23,486. The price you will pay depends on a particular model, its width, gas and electrical power. Whatever gar oven manufactured by Electrolux Professional you choose, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality, impressive functionality, and long-term service.

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