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Electrolux Professional Table Top vacuum packers

Electrolux Professional table top vacuum packers

Electrolux Professional designs a new range of kitchen appliances to provide customers with high hygiene and safety standards. Table-top vacuum packers are created to pack and store delicate food products. Using this top-notch equipment is a must for any commercial kitchen.

Electrolux Professional table top vacuum packers benefits

  • Digital controls are easily programed;
  • Excellent pressure and heat sealing periods;
  • Packing all kinds of delicate foods;
  • Easy to clean due to upturned edges of these units;
  • High hygiene standards and ergonomics;
  • Special warning lights to report any device malfunctioning and stop running to improve user safety;
  • Constructed entirely in sturdy stainless steel;
  • Transparent domed glass lids;
  • Advanced motors for a long-term service and silent running;
  • Meeting all operator requirements and industry standards;
  • Different operating cycles for the best results;
  • Adjustable selectionsж
  • External outside vacuum to remove the air;
  • Special programs for a test cycle and to clean pumps;
  • Maximum reliability and simplicity of use;
  • Compliance with all international industry standards;
  • Safety features to protect from a sealing bar overheat.

Electrolux Professional table top vacuum packers

Maran Projekt GmbH is the company specializing in supplying Electrolux Professional vacuum equipment internationally. It sets reasonable prices on table top models to fit any budget and financial needs. Prices range from €3,466.13 to €3,813.27 based on product functions and features, such as sizes and weight. Whatever vacuum packer you choose, Electrolux Professional guarantees its efficient use and improved productivity. Invest your money in this advanced equipment because it will pay for itself very fast. Your order will be shipped fast and safely.

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