Electrolux Professional Vacuum sealer

Electrolux Professional vacuum sealers

Feel free to experiment with your new culinary adventures, thanks to the best vacuum sealers designed by Electrolux. They provide users with optimal flexibility in cooking and storing delicate foods in advance. This product range is created by Electrolux with high hygiene and industry standards in mind.

Electrolux vacuum sealers features

Infuse your meals, such as marinades, in a special vacuum bag and be ready to prepare and store breathtaking foods. Vacuum sealers have these benefits:

  • HACCP compliance;
  • Suitability for all kinds of gourmet meals;
  • Digital control panels are easily programmable;
  • Ease of cleaning and high hygiene standards;
  • Perfect for wrapping and sealing both raw and cooked food products;
  • Equipped with a special hot plate adjustable in temperatures;
  • Holds rolls of film;
  • Low noise levels;
  • Special button to cut a film;
  • Stretch films as optional accessories;
  • Freedom to explore different meals;
  • Possibility to preserve foods for a longer time;
  • For the dishes that are ready to cook when needed;
  • Seal in favor and moisture;
  • Highly efficient in protecting foods from unwanted factors that impact their safety and quality;
  • Ability to cook meals whenever users want;
  • Ergonomics and modern design.

Electrolux Professional vacuum sealers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reputable supplier of branded Electrolux equipment. You can buy high-quality vacuum sealers for as low as €394.40, but the final price you pay depends on different factors, such as product dimensions. Prices are very reasons to fit the financial needs of all consumers. This vacuum sealing equipment is designed to be highly efficient and economic, so you make a sound investment when buying it. Your online order will be shipped fast to any part of the world.

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