Electrolux Professional Medium Capacity - WT55

Electrolux Professional Medium Capacity - WT55

Professional WT55 dishwashers crafted by Electrolux are perfect solutions for consumers shopping for machines with essential features to get an outstanding value for the money paid. They are designed following all the traditions of ease of use, excellent performance, cleanability, and reliability. What makes Electrolux dishwashers so efficient?

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Offering a great base for long-lasting appliances;
  • Innovative and modern design;
  • The latest digital control panel that offers flexibility;
  • Efficient rinsing system;
  • External plug-in connection box guarantees fast installation with minimal costs;
  • Washing area with no tubes or pipes;
  • The most hygienic frame;
  • High-grade elements to ensure increased reliability;
  • Medium capacity;
  • Electronic display for fast check of rinsing and washing temperatures;
  • 3-spring balance for smooth slide hood moving;
  • Powerful wash pumps for strong washing results, even for heavy soiled things;
  • Rinse and wash arms included;
  • Stainless steel full-size wash tank filters;
  • Removable basket support;
  • Boiler waiting device to extend a washing cycle;
  • The wash tank perfect for long washing sessions;
  • LED for rinsing and washing cycles.

Electrolux Professional Medium Capacity - WT55 Price

Looking for the best dishwasher? Order any of the WT55 range crafted by Electrolux. Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable distributor of professional dishwashers worldwide. It sets reasonable prices on WT55 models that range from €3,222 to €4,585 according to their type and specifications. Maran also offers a number of benefits to all customers, including fast delivery, safety, durability, and low running costs.

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