Electrolux Professional green&clean Hood Type - double skin manual

Electrolux Professional green&clean hood-type double-skin manual dishwashers

Electrolux can offer everything in terms of its highly efficient and innovative double-skin manual dishwashers. This product range offers a number of benefits, such as increased reliability and productivity, innovations and easy use, excellent performance and washing results. The best part is that users can save a lot of money because of reduced energy and water consumption.

Consider the strengths of these Electrolux units, including lowered running costs, the best rinsing performance, constant temperatures, improved user safety, trouble-free operations, easy maintenance, and much more. Dishwashers of this type can meet all customer expectations easily and fast.

Electrolux green&clean hood-type double-skin manual dishwashers advantages

  • Integrated atmospheric boiler to raise incoming water to the necessary temperature and guarantee sanitized rinsing;
  • Constant rinsing temperature, no matter of water pressure;
  • Uses only 2 liter per cycle to guarantee low consumption of water, energy, and detergent;
  • Innovative temperature interlock to ensure the required temperature in final rinsing and washing;
  • Wash Safe Control lights confirm that items are rinsed properly;
  • Clear-Blue advanced filters offer clean washing water and high active detergent for reduced running costs and improved washing results;
  • Built-in Soft-Start feature to provide extra protection to all delicate items;
  • Integrated rinse aid dispenser with automated continuous and initial cycle loading for excellent results and minimized maintenance or servicing needs;
  • Effective protection against water jets and solid objects;
  • No external booster is needed;
  • Innovative electronic controls with integrated self-diagnosis and programming;
  • Automated self-cleaning and self-draining to prevent any bacteria proliferation;
  • Possibility to interrupt cycles by just lifting a hood;
  • 3-phase electrical connection;
  • Boiler power settings from a control panel for facilitated operations;
  • Slanted washing arms to guarantee excellent washing results;
  • Heavy duty and durable stainless steel construction;
  • Double-skin and insulated hood;
  • Sturdy stainless steel exterior panels;
  • Protection from low water and dry fire;
  • Pressed tank for facilitated cleaning results.

Electrolux Professional green&clean hood-type double-skin manual dishwashers price

Consider the deals offered by Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux. The company specializes in selling branded equipment globally and it sets quite competitive prices on manual dishwashers of this type to let all customers enjoy their benefits.

Prices vary from €5,355.68 to €8,129.76 based on product specifications, such as dimensions, power, capacity, and others. No matter which Electrolux dishwasher you order, you will always get the best performance and washing results.

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