Electrolux Professional Modular Drop-In Intake Stations

Electrolux Professional modular drop-in intake stations

Electrolux offers high-quality intake stations as a part of its innovative and compact waste management system for commercial kitchens.

This equipment is a perfect choice for any business environment because it allows users to save a lot of money on reduced running and other expenses.

Electrolux modular drop-in intake stations advantages

  • Perfect dimensions and efficient capacity to suit any space constraints of working environments;
  • Propeller pump to transfer waste products into a circuit through special hoses and ensure no pipe blockage and increased output;
  • Cutlery magnet to prevent all kinds of magnetic objects from entering a grinder accidentally;
  • Suitable for breaking-up any type of organic waste, thus allowing efficient and fast water transportation to holding tanks;
  • Grinder has the overload protection system to prevent a motor from overheating;
  • Self-cleaning cycle with some neutral soap and warm water;
  • Pivoted cutting blades in sturdy stainless steel to prevent any possible blockage;
  • Emergency and control buttons on the panel that is easy to use;
  • Grinding teeth are placed at the same height to improve cutting speed and performance;
  • Grinding ring made in stainless steel has a spacing to provide tiny food particles.

Electrolux Professional modular drop-in intake stations price

Think about the offers of Maran Projekt GmbH when shopping for waste management systems. It’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux that ships different units to any part of the world. Prices are quite reasonable to suit any financial situation.

They vary from €6,361.57 to €14,754.47 based on product features, such as capacity, power, size, and others. Whatever intake station you choose, you will make the best investment.

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