Electrolux Professional Modular Holding Cylinders

Electrolux Professional modular holding cylinders

Electrolux offers the highly efficient and innovative waste management system. It’s designed to treat organic waste and let users reduce their regular waste collection, running, and other costs associated with professional kitchens.

Buying this equipment is a great choice for many businesses, especially with a limited space.

Electrolux modular holding cylinders advantages

  • Great holding capacity of tanks;
  • Suitable for big and medium modular systems;
  • Used as a storage buffer to pump slutty to a centrifugal dewatering;
  • Three sensors, including working, maximum, and minimum levels for guiding the flow to a special dewatering press;
  • Made in rust-free polyurethane;
  • Comes in different colors to choose from, including blue, black, and white;
  • Equipped with electronic controls;
  • Can be positioned against the wall, but it should be near a dewatering press;
  • Efficient water protection of all elements;
  • Comes with a few sensors for stopping filling when tanks are full;
  • Coated with non-stick paints to prevent food particles from remaining on sides;
  • Electronic timer to guarantee that the right waste quantity is transferred;
  • Highly efficiency and long-term service life;
  • Improved ergonomics and sturdiness;
  • Many positive customer reviews and high user safety levels.

Electrolux Professional modular holding cylinders price

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Prices on this equipment are highly competitive to fit any budget, and they vary from €5,846.81 to €9,552.89 based on such product specifications as capacity, liters, size, and others. Whatever cylinder you choose, you make a sound investment.

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