Electrolux Professional Modular Centrifugal Dewatering Press

Electrolux Professional modular centrifugal dewatering press

Electrolux offers the most effective system for treating any organic waste in professional settings. Feel free to reduce your running and other costs after ordering this innovative equipment.

It’s a perfect waste treatment solution for many businesses, especially if you have any space constraints.

Electrolux modular centrifugal dewatering press advantages

  • Designed to remove the food water content after passing through holding cylinders or intake station grinders;
  • Produces the treated waste that drops into buckets;
  • Filters are automatically and constantly cleaned during operations with warm water;
  • Comes with special wall supporting brackets made in durable stainless steel for fast and easy installations;
  • High-speed and revolving filters is supplied to remove water;
  • Flow slurry rate is controlled by a special control unit;
  • A revolving spiral with efficient brushes lets filter holes to stay clog-free;
  • Should be positioned near holding cylinders;
  • High efficiency and improved ergonomics;
  • Durable construction for a long-term use;
  • Increased productivity and power savings;
  • Compliance with all international standards and industry requirements;
  • Ease cleaning and maintenance;
  • Easy use and installation.

Electrolux Professional modular centrifugal dewatering press price

Maran Projekt GmbH is your best choice when looking for a good seller of Electrolux equipment. It’s an authorized dealer that ships top-notch units to many countries at reasonable rates to fit any budget size.

Prices vary from €10,053.71 to €14,829.01 based on such product features as capacity, size, and type. You can order freestanding and right or left wall units, and they all are great investments.

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