Electrolux Professional Ironer cylinder IC433 G4000

Electrolux Cylinder type ironer IC43316 (mod 9881100210F)


€12,276 / $14,869

excl. VAT,
excl. Shipping

- + pcs.

Electrolux Cylinder type ironer IC43316 (mod 9881110210F)


€13,427 / $16,263

excl. VAT,
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- + pcs.

Electrolux Cylinder type ironer IC43320 (mod 9882800210F)


€14,968 / $18,129

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excl. Shipping

- + pcs.

Electrolux Cylinder type ironer IC43320 (mod 9882810210F)


€16,406 / $19,870

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- + pcs.

Electrolux Professional Cylinder-Type Ironers IC433 G4000

Top-quality cylinder-type ironers are designed by Electrolux to provide operators with the best ironing results, improved safety, high quality, and outstanding performance.

Special tech and construction features guarantee perfect ironing results and trouble-free operation in any working conditions. All units are designed to guarantee easy and safe operations. They all are tailored to customer needs while being reliable and robust in any professional laundry installation. With cylinder-type ironers, you will cut down regular utility bills, thanks to reduced heat loss and saved energy.

Electrolux Cylinder-Type Ironers IC433 G4000

Electrolux is dedicated to improving customer efficiency, hygiene levels, ergonomics, and other factors necessary for a successful laundry operation. With Electrolux professional cylinder-type ironers IC433 G4000, you’ll end up with maximum productivity, no matter of your work load.

  • Durable ironing Nomex belts that can withstand high temperature levels;
  • Finger guard protection is crafted to provide operators with extra protection;
  • Control panel is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Pressure roll with a special Nomex padding to ensure the best ironing quality;
  • Ergonomic working heights are easily adjustable;
  • Stainless steel cylinder prolongs a service life and prevents corrosion;
  • Foldable feeding tray is large enough to prevent large flats from touching the ground;
  • Return feed makes it possible to be installed close to walls to save more space;
  • Maintenance-free ceramic gas burner to minimize downtimes because it’s 20% more effective compared to standard blue flame burners;
  • Patented and unique Electrolux burner;
  • Direct ironer advanced moisture management system;
  • Certus management information system;
  • Risk analysis and bio-contamination control;
  • Automated speed regulation system;
  • Easy traceability of different ironing parameters;
  • Special flashing lights to show users that items aren’t fully dried;
  • Automated recording of ironing parameters;
  • Manual folding arm for the simplified folding of big flat items;
  • Nickel-plated cylinder for increased productivity on all cotton items;
  • Special clutch designed to control feeding belts;
  • Advanced technology that makes a huge difference in ironing ergonomics, safety, and productivity;
  • Safety handle to be used in the event of any accidental power failure and protect machines and linens;
  • Finger protection to improve safety;
  • Frequency-controlled motor for optimized productivity and speed;
  • Heavy-padded pressure toll to ensure the highest quality of ironing;
  • Fully-ducted exhausts guarantee a healthier and safer working environment and improved ironer productivity;
  • Fully-encases machines to guarantee improved safety;
  • Tailor-made to customer needs.

Electrolux Professional Cylinder-Type Ironers IC433 G4000 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH€ is a well-established company that specializes in distributing the professional laundry equipment designed by Electrolux worldwide. To get the highest-quality cylinder-type ironers, turn to Maran. It allows you to order top-notch units for the competitive prices that range from 10,157 to €13,574. The price that you’ll need to pay is calculated based on such characteristics as the working width of ironers and whether they have gas or electrical heating. In any case, Electrolux always delivers an outstanding performance.

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