Electrolux Professional Ironer CFlex G4000

Electrolux Professional Ironers CFlex G4000

The CFlex range offers professional heavy-duty flatwork ironers designed by Electrolux to suit all in-house laundry operations. They are the first Plug and Play units on the modern market and make flatwork ironing accessible to all people.

A special speed sensor is designed to choose the right speed based on a linen moisture and temperature level. You don’t have to make any adjustments when using flatwork ironers because Electrolux guarantees no human error.

Electrolux Ironers CFlex G4000

Using Electrolux professional ironers CFlex G4000 is very simple. Top-quality equipment provides you with absolute reliability, increased productivity, and the best result you’re looking for. Many restaurants and hotels appreciate the high efficiency of CFlex ironers.

All customers expect crisp, perfectly pressed, and exquisite table linens. Electrolux machines provide users with advanced technology, ergonomics, and choice of options to achieve this goal.

Many hospitals, healthcare facilities, and nursing home laundries rely on heavy-duty ironers too. They ensure optimum safety, hygiene, cost-efficiency, and other benefits. Think about increased functionality and the best ironing results.

The direct ironer advanced moisture management system allows operators to enjoy a fully automated control of the speed. Units are never too fast or too slow, thus providing you with optimal productivity. Besides, all linens will be dried to perfection.

The unique Dubixium cylinder, you can forget about a loss of production because of the ironer sides that overheat. Heat is always evenly distributed through a patented thermal oil flow inside this cylinder. With the unique feature, users experience the comfort of steam while getting maximum profitability. Heavy-duty ironers offer constant pressure and utmost ironing quality to all users.

  • Unique chest design and roll combined with the best thermal insulation guarantee a thermal output of about 97%;
  • Thermal oil or steam heating;
  • Possibility to mount up to 3 chests with a maximum ironing speed;
  • 1 adjustable suction fan to guarantee the increased vapor suction;
  • Reliable and simple drive, thanks to the advanced fixed roll technology;
  • Springpress fitting to ensure the best chest and toll contact in addition to improved vapor extraction;
  • Safety handle to be used in case of power failure guarantees increased protection for linens, users, and machines;
  • Innovative technology makes a huge difference in ergonomics, safety, and efficiency;
  • Frequency-controlled motor to optimize productivity and speed;
  • Heavy-padded pressure roll to provide the highest ironing quality;
  • Finger protection to increase the safety of operators;
  • Fully encased machines to guarantee improved workplace safety;
  • Fully ducted exhausts to provide a healthy and safe working place and a better performance.

Electrolux Professional Ironers CFlex G4000 Price

Heavy-duty flatwork ironers are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. It’s a reliable Electrolux distributor that sells top-quality professional laundry equipment at quite competitive rates. You can order CFlex ironers from Maran for the prices ranging from €107,728 to €369,855. Everything depends on basic technical specifications, such as a unit width, heating, diameter and number of rolls, steam traps, ladder, and handrail. Electrolux guarantees that all ironers are of the best quality and deliver excellent laundry results.

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