Electrolux Professional Ironer Cylinder IC448 G4000

Electrolux Professional Cylinder-Type Ironers IC448 G4000

The IC448 range offers industrial cylinder-type ironers manufactured by Electrolux to suit the needs of all modern laundry facilities. All units are tailored to the most sophisticated needs, and all accessories are created to guarantee the best ironing performance.

Highly efficient machines can process the entire flatwork with only one operator because everything is done fully automatically. Think about the labor savings that you can get with Electrolux ironers.

Choose from a variety of excellent heating options, thanks to the latest Dubixium technology. Feel free to combine them with to end up with the best energy savings. A unique ceramic gas burner generates infrared heating and provides users with amazing energy savings. Create a healthier and safer workplace while benefiting from low maintenance.

Electrolux Cylinder-Type Ironers IC448 G4000

High-quality ironers are equipped with the most silent, ergonomic, and compact automatic feeder in the modern market. Iron all large items with only one operator, thus increasing the productivity of professional laundry operations.

Highly versatile, fully automatic, integrated, compact, and efficient are only several characteristics that describe Electrolux professional cylinder-type ironers IC448 G4000. Enjoy increased productivity and superb ironing results.

  • Finger-guard protection for extra safety guaranteed to users;
  • Electro-mechanical clamps and automated linen detection;
  • Smooth holding and closing of linens;
  • Easy access to all ironer parts to ensure easy maintenance;
  • Smooth feeding and opening of all items, thus guaranteeing the compensation of fiber elasticity;
  • Spring-loaded pressure roll to provide the best ironing quality;
  • Automated feeding with a standard vacuum table and electro-mechanical clamps for efficient and smooth quality feeding;
  • Optimum results in ironing and 1-person operation from feeding wet fabrics to piles of sheets;
  • Standard multi-layer thermal oil cylinder to ensure 0 overheating on both gas and electric ironer versions;
  • Great increase in production;
  • Intuitive touch-screen is easy to use and had a text-free operating mode for improved user-friendliness;
  • Maintenance-free ceramic gar burner with increased reliability and minimal production disruption and gas use;
  • Automatic ironing speed control system for optimum productivity to guarantee perfectly dry linens;
  • Sleeping and stand-by modes for increased energy savings;
  • Versatile stacker to deliver linen stacks to the rear or the front of machines;
  • Durable Nomex ironing belts designed to withstand high temperatures;
  • Easy access to parts to maintain ironers easily;
  • Nickel-plated cylinder to prolong a service life and protect from rust;
  • Labor-saving automated length-folding and feeding device;
  • Automated speed adjustment with special moisture sensors.

Electrolux Professional Cylinder-Type Ironers IC448 G4000 Price

When shopping for the best cylinder-type ironers, Maran Projekt GmbH offers the most effective solutions. The official Electrolux distributor sets reasonable rates on professional laundry equipment. You can order high-quality ironers for the prices that range from €32,398 to €142,915. There are certain features that affect a final price, including a vacuum feeding table, heating approval, exit, automatic feeding, length and cross folding, and the type of stacking. All ironers improve productivity and deliver excellent results.

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