Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Cafe line

Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Cafe line

Café line undercounters are tailored by Electrolux for modern coffee shops and pubs where dynamic and fast servicing is a must, just like the highest hygiene levels. Why should you consider the range of professional machines?

  • Equipped with high-powered boilers to ensure constant rinsing temperatures;
  • Washing cycle independent from any inlet water temperature levels (you can use even cold water);
  • Positioned on special wheels to facilitate cleaning underneath and behind machines;
  • 3 wash cycles to suit all customer needs;
  • Automated loading of detergents and rinse aid to guarantee the best results and minimize maintenance and service;
  • Atmospheric and fully automatic drain pumps;
  • Detergent dispenser;
  • Rinse booster pump;
  • Automatic diagnosis system;
  • Digital rinse and wash temperature display;
  • Large door clearance for extra convenience;
  • 4-second pausing before rinsing and after washing to guarantee that any contaminated water won’t fall on clean things;
  • Reduced water consumption;
  • Double-skin insulation;
  • Rinse aid and detergent dispensers;
  • Full stainless steel durable construction;
  • Cutlery basket and plate rack;
  • Stainless steel lower and upper wash and rinse arms.

Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Cafe Line Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official international Electrolux distributor that supplies top-quality café line undercounters worldwide. The company sets reasonable prices on all machines, and they range from €3,330 to €3,353 based on a particular model that you order. Electrolux units are guaranteed to provide all users with long-term functioning, improved productivity, reliability, and other excellent features.

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