Electrolux Professional green&clean Undercounters - EUCI and EUCAI

Electrolux Professional green&clean Undercounters

Green and clean undercounters are designed for sophisticated customers and high expectations and demands. They all are met in full because of extra functionality of machines:

  • Double-skin insulated walls for low noise levels;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • Different washing cycles for lightly, medium, and heavily soiled items;
  • Integrated atmospheric boiler with the best temperature levels;
  • Built-in rinse aid dispenser;
  • Automatic continuous and initial cycle loading for the best results;
  • Minimized maintenance and service needs;
  • No external booster needed;
  • User-friendly control panel with clear icons for ease use;
  • Unique temperature inter-lock to ensure the necessary temperatures in both final rinsing and washing cycles;
  • Built-in soft start feature to provide extra protection to delicate items;
  • 4-second pausing before rinsing and after washing;
  • Fault auto-diagnosis system;
  • High-efficiency air gap;
  • Effective rinsing systems that lowers running costs;
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction;
  • Using fresh hot rinse water;
  • IPX 5 water protection;
  • Digital read-outs keep operators informed about temperatures;
  • Special design of stainless steel nozzles for superior cleaning action.

Electrolux Professional green&clean Undercounters Price

Maran Projekt GmbH sets reasonable prices on green and clean undercounters crafted by Electrolux. Rates range from €2,664 to €3,872 according to such characteristics as sizes. Maran is an official distributor of Electrolux undercounters and it guarantees a range of benefits, including the best quality, high efficiency, and performance. Order the machine you like the most and start enjoying its excellent functionality.

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