Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Medical Line

Electrolux Professional Medical Line

Electrolux is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic appliances and has the largest service network in the world. It has appliances for every kind of applications, be it for household purposes or large scale commercial purposes. The Electrolux medical line is an exclusive range of appliances for the medical line and it composes of various dishwashing products including glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers, hood type dishwashers, rack type dishwashers, flight type dishwashers and pot and pan washers.

The Electrolux EUCAIML, one of the exclusive medical line undercounter dishwasher comes with a drain pump and offers the best rising performance. It comes with a total capacity of 12 baskets per hour and has three dishwashing programs with 300/420/600 seconds per cycle. You can purchase the undercounter dishwasher with or without the softener and rinse aid dispenser. One of the main aspects of the Electrolux medical line dishwasher is it is specially designed to disinfect items and hence confining to the hospital requirements.

It maintains a temperature level of 90 degree throughout the rinse cycle regardless of the water pressure. You don’t need an external booster with the Electrolux medical line dishwasher. The soft start feature helps to handle even the delicate items carefully. The dishwasher provides a 4 second gap between the washing cycle and the rinsing cycle, so that all unclean water are drained out. During the rinsing process, it only uses fresh and hot water to provide a clean rinse to the items.

Electrolux Medical Line Price

When you compare the Electrolux medical line price with any other competitor products, one will be largely surprised at the price difference between Electrolux products and other products. All Electrolux products are very much affordable but always ahead in providing the best features than any other brands out there in the market.

Electrolux Medical Line Features

  • Quality sanitization of dishes and compliance with the requirements of medical institutions due to rinsing at a temperature of 90 ° C for 30 seconds.
  • The built-in atmospheric boiler heats the incoming water from 50 ° C to 90 ° C (minimum), which ensures a high-quality sanitary treatment of the dishes. The booster pump is integrated in the machine.
  • During the rinse cycle, a constant temperature of 84 ° C is maintained, regardless of the head and temperature of the incoming water.
  • A unique interlocking system ensures that the specified temperatures are maintained at the washing stage and at the rinse stage. Protecting the dishes from damage by using the SOFT START function.
  • Highly effective air gap device (class A) protects against water ingress from the machine back into the water pipe when the water pressure drops.
  • A 4-second pause (adjustable) before rinsing ensures that the droplets from the washing hoses do not get on clean dishes when rinsing.
  • Automatic crash tracking system

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