Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Wine Line

Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Wine Line

Shiny glasses are important for the best presentation of wine bars and restaurants. Electrolux offers an ultimate solution for spot-free drying and glass washing results. Wine line undercounters offer the highest functionality:

  • Gentle solutions for crystal glasses;
  • Reducing the damage caused to glass and crystal surfaces;
  • Perfect washing temperature levels;
  • Optimal washing results;
  • Atmospheric boiler to guarantee constant rinsing pressure and temperature to avoid any detergent residue;
  • Special basket designed to reduce drying times, improve washing results, and ease glass handling;
  • Soft-start wash pump;
  • Reverse osmosis filters;
  • Fit all types of glasses;
  • Glass rim to provide more accurate rinsing and washing internal surface;
  • Spot-free drying;
  • Tilted and hung glass positioning reduces glass breakage;
  • BRITA demineralizer to filter all impurities in water and system;
  • Carbon filter to remove all visible particles;
  • The best solution for all needs;
  • Reverse osmosis to get perfect washing results and filter viruses and bacteria;
  • Filtering incoming water to avoid impurities on washed surfaces;
  • Low energy and chemical consumption;
  • No need to extra polishing;
  • Removing all salts from the water.

Electrolux Professional Undercounters - EUCAI - Wine Line Price

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