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Electrolux Professional SEUR80 EL.SALAMAND-ULTRA RAPID-OPEN 3-SIDES,800 (Code 283010, Alias 9SPL283010)

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Electrolux Professional SEUR80 Product Features

Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel. Table top model. Removable chromed steel cooking grid and grease collection container. Fast heat-up time. Adjustable top with 2 heating elements, individually controlled heating zones. Open sides. Control knob to set cooking time.
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Electrolux Professional SEUR80 Specifications

  • Brand: Electrolux Professional
  • Model: SEUR80
  • WxDxH mm: 850x515x470 mm
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Alias: 9SPL283010
  • Factory Model: SEUR80
  • Customs_Class: 8419818090
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Net Weight: 60.00 kg
  • Net Width: 850
  • Net Depth: 515
  • Net Height: 470
  • Europe Weight: 70.00 Kg
  • Europe Width: 880 mm
  • Europe Height: 610 mm
  • Overseas Weight: 0.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth: 0 mm
  • Overseas_Height: 0 mm
  • Electrical power: 4 Kw
  • Voltage: 200-240 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Phases: 2N
  • Start-End Production: cancelled
Shipping status

Electrolux Professional SEUR80 Shipping status

Electrolux Professional SEUR80 (283010)

Do not know what rapid grill to purchase for the maximum impact in your kitchen? The Electrolux Professional SEUR80 (283010) is the universal solution.

The designers and the engineers of Electrolux Professionals paid the closest attention to the smallest details to make your experience using the model flawlessly.

Main features:

  • The durable construction of the unit is meant for long-term use under any exploitation conditions;
  • The compact size of the product allows for tabletop operation;
  • Two heating elements of adjustable top and heating zones, which you can control manually;
  • Set the cooking time via the external intuitive switcher located on the right bottom;
  • Removable grid finished in chromed steel and the spacious grease storage capacity.

Electrolux Professional SEUR80 Price

There is no way you find a better product than the Electrolux Professional SEUR80 (283010)  for such an affordable price. You can always compare and see some other details about the product on the Maran Projekt GmbH website.

Electrolux Professional has been the leading brand in selling kitchen and laundry equipment having more than two decades of experience on the market. Thousands of satisfied customers, many positive reviews, and top quality from the company based in Germany make it worth buying.