Electrolux Professional Salamanders

Electrolux Professional Salamanders

The professional salamanders crafted by Electrolux are excellent for gratin-baking and grilling different dishes and warming plates. The top-quality and highly efficient range offers different models for wall and table-top installations. They come in different installed power settings and grid sizes. All professional salamanders are equipped with electric or gas heat radiation from the grid and top. Units can be positioned on different heights, thus offering extra convenience to all users. The Electrolux range is perfect for many types of cooking that require direct radiant heat and high temperature. Durable Electrolux professional salamanders can be used for toasting and grilling in any commercial kitchen, from a small pub to the biggest restaurant. Some models are even equipped with high-powered ceramic heating elements. You can order all of them from Maran and get access to multiple benefits:

  • Easy to install;
  • Wall-mounted models come with stainless steel brackets;
  • Table-top units have adjustable feet;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Easy to remove and clear trays and grids;
  • Grids can be adjusted in different positions manually;
  • Grids are equipped with special heat-resistant plastic handles and anti-tilt runners;
  • Closed sides to guarantee improved safety and fast heating;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Meeting all H-requirements;
  • Easy on the environment because units are recyclable;
  • Easy to use;
  • Tops of electric models come with high-intensity heating elements;
  • Large removable cooking grids that can accommodate different GN containers;
  • Gas units with control knobs to regulate heat regulation from the main burner.

Electrolux Salamanders

When it comes to the right positions of professional salamanders, they can be installed on no stands or shelves. Everything depends on intended uses and available space. Remove a protective film slowly and try not to tear it because the glue may stay on the outer casing. If it happens, remove the flue with a matching solvent.

To connect units to the power supply, provide cables with suitable plugs and connect them to the right socket. Make sure that there is a proper earthing contact. Insert an automated circuit breaker between the electric supply line and the main socket. Ensure that there is a gap between movable and stationary contacts of salamanders.

Units are suitable for au-gratin and normal cooking and they warm up food with a high-temperature heating source. They’re equipped with the device that allows users to lower or lift a radiant plate to heat food either less or more. The temperature is controlled by special energy regulators.

The right maintenance should be carried out when salamanders are switched off. When each cooking cycle is ended, clean a pan and a grid. Clean all stainless steel surfaces on a daily basis to enjoy the best performance. Don’t use wire and steel wool brushes or any other abrasive cleaning items because they can easily damage units. Air the room when they’re installed regularly.

Electrolux Professional Salamanders Price

Get professional salamanders from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official Electrolux distributor worldwide. Prices on units range from €1,225 to €2,676 according to a specific type, weight, size, and whether salamanders are gas or electrical powered. Maran sets only reasonable prices on Electrolux equipment, so you’re guaranteed to end up with great savings and excellent functionality. Order salamanders and experience many benefits!

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