Electrolux SLG802 GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM (Code 283003), Alias 9SPL283003

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Electrolux SLG802 Product Features

Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel. Table top model. Enamelled cooking chamber with adjustable grid that can be positioned on 5 levels by simply moving control knob. Grid equipped with anti-tilt runners and heat resistant handles. 4 liter drip tray. Closed sides for rapid heating. Control knob for regulation of heat radiation from main burner. Piezo-electric ignition, pilot-burner and thermocouple valve for safety. Buy Electrolux SLG802 GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM (Code 283003) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).

Electrolux SLG802 Specifications

  • Brand : Electrolux
  • Model : SLG802
  • WxDxH mm : 800x450x450 mm
  • Shipping Status : Е
  • Weight : 65 Kg
  • Alias : 9SPL283003
  • Status : cancelled in exaustion
  • Factory Model : SLG802
  • Customs_Class : 8419818090
  • Country of origin : SPAIN
  • Net Weight : 40.80 kg
  • Net Width : 450.00 mm
  • Net Depth : 800.00 mm
  • Net Height : 450.00 mm
  • Europe Weight : 48.00 Kg
  • Europe Width : 840 mm
  • Europe Height : 590 mm
  • Overseas Weight : 64.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth : 660 mm
  • Overseas_Height : 620 mm
  • Gas power : 8.5 Kw
  • Start-End Production : cancelled
Shipping Status

Electrolux SLG802 Shipping Status

Details about GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM Electrolux SLG802

Our e-shop recommends SLG802 GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM (Code 283003) from the world's famous fabricator Electrolux - the best solution for professional cookery. You can find it in section Industrial and Other Cooking - Other Cooking - Salamanders. Factory model name is SLG802. You can find it also as PNC: 283003 or the alias: 9SPL283003.

Gas power: 8.5 Kw.

You are able order Electrolux SLG802 with delivery anywhere in the world. The price of this product excludes taxes and shipping costs. Status of GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM (Code 283003): IN DISTRIBUTION - you can purchase this model. Shipping Status of SLG802: ask. Land of manufacture of the model: SPAIN. Customs class of the product code of GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM (Code 283003): 8419818090.

To know the measurements of the GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM SLG802: width: 450.00 mm, depth: 800.00 mm, net height: 450.00 mm (800x450x450 mm), it is: 40.80 kg. The dimensions and weight of the Electrolux GAS SALAMANDER,FRONT OPEN,ADJ.GRID,800MM product packaging: for European dispatch: weight: 48.00 Kg, width: 840 mm, Europe height: 590 mm. If the shipping is scheduled transoceanic, the size and weight are different: depth: 660 mm, height: 620 mm, overseas weight: 64.00 Kg.

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