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Electrolux Professional Tilting bratt pans with compound bottom

Electrolux Professional Tilting Bratt Pans with Compound Bottom

Tilting bratt pans are designed by Electrolux Professional to help users improve their kitchen performance and functioning. Use top-quality devices to benefit from increased functionality, ergonomics, and performance.

  • Infrared heating elements are positioned under a cooking surface;
  • Polished and durable cooking surface is perfect for browning, roasting, stewing, braising, boiling, cooking sauces, and sautéing;
  • Possibility to be installed on cantilever systems;
  • Easy setting of cooking temperatures via a thermostat;
  • Energy input is set through a special energy regulator;
  • Equipped with a special mechanism to tilt a pan manually;
  • Durable exterior panels and solid stainless steel construction will serve for a long time;
  • Flus-fitting junction between different units is allowed;
  • Reduced heat dispersion;
  • Double-lined and insulted lid;
  • Water resistance certification;
  • Limited heat radiation and reduced energy consumption;
  • Easy access for regular cleaning, thanks to smooth and large surfaces;
  • Ergonomic and convenient control knob system.

Electrolux Professional Tilting Bratt Pans with Compound Bottom Price

Looking for both quality and affordable tilting bratt pans? Maran Projekt GmbH offers a great opportunity to buy the best machines designed by Electrolux Professional because the company distributes professional equipment worldwide. Prices on tilting pans are reasonable and they range from €16,042 to €18,836 based on such specifications as a net depth, size, and model. Make your choice based on your professional kitchen needs and start taking advantage of high efficiency, excellent performance, and long-term service guaranteed by Electrolux Professional.

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