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Electrolux Professional Stockpot Stoves

Electrolux Professional Stockpot Stoves

High-quality devices are perfect for all special service customer needs, especially when high power is needed. The range includes highly efficient stockpot stoves that are easy to operate and install. Enjoy the increased productivity of your kitchen operations with top-quality equipment.

  • The right shape of a pan support allows all pans to be used without affecting a combustion;
  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel construction to provide users with maximum reliability and strength;
  • Gas tap is easy to adjust;
  • Low control settings;
  • Reliable burners can function with any gas type;
  • Steel deep tray is easy to remove;
  • Adjustable rubber feet to level the floor or special wheels with a handle for convenient transportation;
  • Electric devices offer a high capacity with a hot plate and 7-position switch heating control;
  • Thermocouple valves;
  • Complying with the highest international standards;
  • Easy to clean and use;
  • Simplified regular maintenance;
  • Long-term service life guaranteed by Electrolux Professional;
  • No special tech skills required to operate stockpot stoves;
  • Improved ergonomics of designing.

Electrolux Professional Stockpot Stoves Price

To get high-quality and efficient stockpot stoves designed by Electrolux Professional and end up with savings, pay attention to the offers of Maran Projekt GmbH. The company specializes in distributing professional cooking appliances manufactured by Electrolux Professional. Order stockpot stoves from Maran and benefit from reasonable prices that range from €876 to €1,487. The price of machines is set based on important characteristics, such as their weight, electric or gas power, and others. They all provide operators with an incredible performance and results.

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