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Electrolux Professional Compact Fryers

Electrolux Professional Compact Fryers

Electrolux Professional offers top-quality and efficient compact fryers. Freestanding units with the deep-drawn well are perfect for any commercial kitchen that requires some compact, versatile, highly productive, and efficient equipment that can cook many portions time after time. Electrolux Professional compact fryers are famous for their reliable heating elements, excellent well layout, and the eco mode that requires only a minimal oil amount while guaranteeing a very long service.

Choose suitable slim and compact electric fryers with a single basket and pumped oil filtration. The Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment is perfect for a larder section and pastry. You can empty oil into a tank below, clean and pump it back into a fryer, thus extending its life. All units also have the necessary temperature recovery and fast heat up. Commercial kitchen operators choose compact fryers because of excellent stainless steel construction quality. Order continuous multi-product frying alternative and get a number of benefits.

Electrolux Professional Compact Fryers

What are the main reasons to buy the compact fryers designed by Electrolux Professional?

  • Free-standing and countertop models;
  • Precise frying control;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Excellent quality products;
  • Perfect for food services;
  • Different options and accessories.

Compact fryers have a big frying area despite their size, and they require only some little floor space. They all are self-contained, from free-standing to countertop-sized models. Every unit is delivered ready for operation and pre-wired. Each compact fryer is equipped with:

  • Conveyor speed and accurately control temperature to fry a range of snacks and prepared foods uniformly;
  • Low oil volume offers a fast oil turnover and a long shelf life;
  • Lift-out conveyors, easy-to-remove hoods, and suspended heating elements for easy cleaning;
  • Direct heating with no hot sports ensures the best product and oil quality;
  • The highest USDA standards;
  • Automated oil level control;
  • Continuous oil filter;
  • Cooling conveyors;
  • Custom conveyor configurations;
  • Glazing and salting systems;
  • Finished product de-oiling conveyors;
  • Drum coaters;
  • Position tilting elements to ease regular use and cleaning;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Overheat protection thermostat;
  • Eco-function switches to save energy;
  • Control knobs behind the door;
  • Display with lights to indicate different modes.

Electrolux Professional Compact Fryers Price

Shopping for professional compact fryers? Maran Projekt GmbH is the official Electrolux Professional distributor worldwide. The company sets reasonable prices and provides all customers with many benefits. Order compact fryers from Maran and benefit from extra durability, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and reliability. Prices on top-quality Electrolux Professional fryers range according to a particular type and different specifications.

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