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Electrolux Professional Braising Pans - Rectangular Stationary

Electrolux Professional Braising Pans - Rectangular Stationary

Rectangular stationary braising pans manufactured by Electrolux Professional are multifunctional kitchen appliances used for pot-roasting, roasting, simmering, boiling, braising, and steaming. They offer increased productivity and perfect cooking results.

  • Easy to clean cooking surface, thanks to corners and edges with a large radius;
  • Facilitated loading and unloading tasks because machines are compatible with GN containers;
  • Advanced heating system for high temperature stability and optimal heat distribution;
  • Effortless and safe discharge of contents;
  • Individually adjustable heating zones with a separate temperature sensor;
  • Temperature sensors for the best control;
  • Efficient water resistance;
  • Saving both time and electricity;
  • The best cooking results in terms of vitamin preserving, consistency, taste, and color;
  • No overshooting of a cooking temperature;
  • Efficient thermal insulation to keep operating temperatures low and save energy;
  • USB connection to easily download data, upload recipes, and update programs;
  • Robust stainless steel construction, internal frame, and external panels.

Electrolux Professional Braising Pans - Rectangular Stationary Price

High-quality rectangular stationary braising pans can be easily ordered from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux Professional equipment worldwide that sets reasonable prices and offers regular specials to let consumers save money while getting top-notch devices. Prices on highly efficient braising pans range from €16,039 to €23,138 based on electrical power, weight, dimensions, and other specifications. Whatever machine you choose, it will provide you with the best performance.

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