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Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans - Tilting

Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans – Tilting

The complete Electrolux Professional range of tilting boiling pans is designed to let users improve hygiene, performance, safety, and cleanability of kitchens. All cooking operations are made faster, easier, and safer, thanks to additional features that guarantee increased functionality.

  • Machines are suitable for steaming, boiling, simmering, and braising all kinds of food;
  • Isolated upper well rim to avoid any possible risk of harming users;
  • Convenient temperature control;
  • Ergonomic dimensions with a shallow depth to facilitate gentle food handling and stirring;
  • Guaranteed water resistance and corrosion protection;
  • Pouring and tilting speeds can be adjusted precisely;
  • Variable and motorized pan;
  • Capability to be tilted to facilitate all cooking operations;
  • Integrated temperature sensor to control the entire process;
  • USB connectivity to update software, download important data, and upload recipes easily;
  • Durable stainless steel internal frame and external panels;
  • Insulated double-lined lid;
  • Safety thermostat to protect against low water levels.

Electrolux Professional Boiling Pans – Tilting Price

Want to find the best boiling tilting pans offered by Electrolux Professional? Order outstanding and highly efficient machines from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international distributor of professional kitchen equipment designed by this brand. Prices on all boiling tilting pans are quite reasonable, and they range from €18,468 to €41,856. The price that you pay is based on a particular model, size, weight, electrical power, and other specifications. However, all Electrolux Professional units provide operators with improved functionality and long-lasting performance.

Electrolux Professional boiling tilting pans

Electrolux Professional manufactures highly efficient and ergonomic boiling tilting pans that can be a perfect addition to any professional kitchen. They provide users with multiple benefits, such as time and energy savings, excellent cooking results, and improved functionality.

Electrolux Professional boiling tilting pans features

  • Efficient and simple temperature control;
  • Durable stainless steel construction for long-term use;
  • Integrated temperature sensors to control the entire cooking process;
  • The best water resistance;
  • USB connectivity for software updates, uploading recipes, and data;
  • Pouring and tilting speeds are easily adjusted;
  • Suitable for different cooking operations, such as steaming and boiling;
  • Ergonomic dimensions for gentle food handling and improved user convenience;
  • Variable and motorized pan tilting with a soft stop;
  • Safety valves to present steam overpressure;
  • Counter-balanced and insulted lid;
  • Touch control panel and soft functions;
  • Safety thermostat to protect against low water levels;
  • Storing recipes and different temperature settings;
  • Pressure burners and uniform heating;
  • Isolated upper well rim to avoid any hard and increase user safety;
  • Internal frame and external panels made in stainless steel.

Electrolux Professional boiling tilting pans price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the best place to order boiling tilting pans because it’s a credible dealer of Electrolux Professional that ships high-quality equipment globally. Its sets quite reasonable prices on the product line to fit any budget size. They vary from €19,392.12 to €43,949.61 based on such product specifications as the depth, freestanding or wall mounted, gas, electric, or steam powered, capacity, and others. Every Electrolux Professional unit is a great investment.

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