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Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (850)

Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (850)

ProThermetic kitchen appliances are designed by Electrolux Professional to meet the heavy-duty requirements of hospitals, hotels, and other facilities. Professional equipment offers an ultimate solution in terms of efficiency, precision, and productivity.

The latest technology improves different cooking processes while offering incomparable simplicity, maximum flexibility, profitability, and hygiene. The ProtThermetic range of braising and boiling pans is created for the best performance and cooking results.

  • Excellent results, thanks to a unique heating system and features;
  • Guaranteed uniform cooking processes with the best performance and reduced times;
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel cooking surface is durable and resistant to thermal shocks;
  • Electric versions have a power block heating system to guarantee fast reacting and optimal and uniform heat distribution;
  • The range includes free-standing and tilting versions in the 850 depth;
  • Precise operations, thanks to an intuitive electronic control that adjusts power and maintain the right temperature;
  • Control can be maintained through the sensor underneath a pan.

Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (850) Price

Looking for high-quality ProThermic kitchen appliances designed by Electrolux Professional? Maran Projekt GmbH distributes professional cooking equipment worldwide and offers reasonable prices on all devices. They range from €15,166 to €24,881 based on such specifications as electrical power, weight, and size. No matter which unit you choose, Electrolux Professional guarantees that it will serve you for a long time. Maran guarantees fast delivery, customer protection, incredible performance, top quality, and high efficiency of any ordered device.

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