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Electrolux Professional Braising Pans - Tilting

Electrolux Professional Braising Pans – Tilting

Braising tiling pans are designed by Electrolux Professional to serve operators for a long time, thanks to their durable construction. Start using them if you want to improve your kitchen functioning.

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Counter-balanced and insulated lid;
  • Pan is easy to tilt to empty food completely;
  • Motorized tilting with a variable speed control;
  • Multiple burners are robust and come with electronic ignition and monitoring;
  • Precise electronic control of bottom temperatures to guarantee exact adherence and fast reaction to chosen cooking settings;
  • Safety thermostat protects from overheating;
  • Touch control panel with a soft function is easy to use;
  • Capability to store recipes in both multiphase and single cooking processes with diverse temperature settings;
  • Integrated temperature sensors for the efficient control of all cooking functions;
  • Water resistance and corrosion protection;
  • Guaranteed cooking results in terms of consistency, color, taste, and vitamin preserving;
  • Cooking surface is easy to clean, thanks to large corners and edges.

Electrolux Professional Braising Pans – Tilting Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable company specializing in distributing professional equipment designed by Electrolux Professional. Order braising tilting pans from Maran and benefit from reasonable rates. Prices on top-quality kitchen machines are affordable and they range from €18,219 to €30,758 based on such specifications as a size, weight, electric or gas power, and others. Whatever unit you choose, you can be sure to get the highest quality, efficiency, and performance guaranteed by Electrolux Professional. Improve your professional kitchen functioning with Maran.

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