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Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (800)

Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (800)

The ProThermetic range of Electrolux Professional appliances for professional kitchens offers the best ergonomics, quality, and functionality.

  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Equipped with a touch-screen control panel, visible from a distance;
  • Multiple languages;
  • Intuitive icons for precise and easy settings of power and temperature levels;
  • The highest hygiene level;
  • Easy, fast, and thorough cleaning;
  • The highest water protection level’
  • Great energy savings because of reduced cooking times;
  • Higher productivity in cooking and heating cycles;
  • Indirect heating system;
  • Excellent pan shape perfect for even heat distribution, easy stirring process, and preparation of small food quantities;
  • Durable stainless steel construction to serve operators for a long time;
  • Low-voltage electrical system for improved safety;
  • Low-temperature zone to prevent a risk of accidental burning;
  • Tilting and freestanding models with a 800 depth;
  • Suitable for heavy-duty purposes;
  • Integrated ventilation system and safety valve for easy cleaning;
  • High performance and excellent results;
  • Uniform cooking processes.

Electrolux Professional ProThermetic T and S (800) Price

Want to buy highly efficient ProThermic kitchen appliances? Turn to Maran Projekt GmbH, the company that specializes in distributing Electrolux Professional equipment worldwide. Prices are very competitive and they range from €15,507 to €25,445 based on such basic features as electrical power, weight, and size. Whatever Electrolux Professional appliance you order from Maran, you’re guaranteed to get an outstanding performance, increased productivity, and outstanding cooking results, thanks to the latest technology.

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