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Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF 9 LT ELECTRIC FRYER-1 WELL+1 BASKET (Code 285557, Alias 9PDX285557)

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Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF Product Features

Electric freestanding fryer with deep-drawn well ideal for kitchens needing a versatile, compact, efficient but high productivity unit capable of cooking numerous portions time after time. The well layout, heating elements layout and the 'eco' mode, require a minimum amount of oil and guarantee long oil life. Made in stainless steel. 4-position tilting elements to ease cleaning and use.
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Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF Specifications

  • Brand: Electrolux Professional
  • Model: EXFRPB1BFF
  • WxDxH mm: 200x600x930 mm
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • Alias: 9PDX285557
  • Factory Model: EXFRPB1BFF
  • Customs_Class: 8419818090
  • Country of origin: ITALY
  • Net Weight: 38.25 kg
  • Net Width: 930.00 mm
  • Net Depth: 600.00 mm
  • Net Height: 200.00 mm
  • Europe Weight: 45.00 Kg
  • Europe Width: 1,030 mm
  • Europe Height: 350 mm
  • Overseas Weight: 0.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth: 0 mm
  • Overseas_Height: 0 mm
  • Electrical power: 7.4 Kw
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Phases: 1
  • Start-End Production: cancelled
Shipping status

Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF Shipping status

Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF (285557)

Modern kitchen always needs modern solutions. The Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF (285557) fryer allows chefs the most versatile cooking experience.

It is advantageous from all sides: easy to use and maintain, does not take up a lot of energy, which contributes to cost savings.

Main features:

  • Compact size to fit in any types of spaces;
  • The unit is highly productive allowing non-stop cooking at fast paces;
  • Deep-drawn well makes it spacious, meaning you can put more food at a time;
  • Low oil consumption with the eco mode;
  • The system of layout and heating elements provide longer oil life;
  • The whole body of the fryer is made of quality AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • The four elements of tilting make the cleaning process seamless;
  • The thermostat of the unit is easy-to-adjust ensuring the deepest fry of any kind of food.

Electrolux Professional EXFRPB1BFF Price

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