Electrolux Pullman 700-1100 litres G4000

Electrolux is your reliable washing partner because of utmost excellent in washing results, performance, and hygiene.

With high-quality Pullman side load washers, you’re guaranteed to get trouble-free operations and durability. High-quality washing machines are created by Electrolux to last for about 30000 cycles, thanks to their heavy-duty construction.

All units feature unique Power Balance, which is the advanced unbalance-detection system to ensure optimized extraction. Less stress on side load washers guarantees higher durability and better washing results in any professional laundry installation.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Pullman Washers 700-1100 Liters G4000

Get ready to enjoy outstanding ergonomics with Electrolux professional Pullman washers. The intuitive interface is easy to use and it makes machines easily customizable and flexible. They are 100% safe and easy to operate, thanks to an automated inner drum positioning and a wide door opening.

The highest levels of hygiene monitoring and control are maintained during the entire washing process, thanks to the advanced Certus Management Information System. Optimized washing programs allow users to save a lot of energy and time with extra cycles per day compared to other washers available on the modern market.

Improved productivity and lower running costs are some of the main reasons to use Pullman washers. The optimized drum design decreases a dead volume while saving water. Washing machines can automatically adjust the detergent quantity based on your actual load, thanks to the efficient dosing system offered by Electrolux. Top-notch side load washers guarantee the best performance, eco-friendliness, and economy.

  • Automated inner drum positioning in unloading and loading;
  • 2-compartment inner drum separated by a famous Pullman partition to ensure the best mechanical action and ergonomics;
  • Unloading by gravity;
  • The fastest and easiest machines in the market;
  • Automated unlocking and locking of outer drum doors;
  • Special end-of-cycle signals and visual alarms for increased productivity;
  • Large and comfortable doors;
  • Intuitive programming control panel is easy to use;
  • 8-color industrial touch screen is highly intuitive;
  • Electrolux unfolding menus;
  • Smart card reader and writer;
  • Possibility to choose from different languages for added comfort;
  • Frequency-control motor and Poly-V belts for consistent, precise, and silent rotation speeds;
  • Pneumatic suspensions for low vibration levels;
  • 5-compartment soap box for both manual and automated supply;
  • Durable pass-through construction to provide increased ergonomics in laundry installations;
  • Different customized and factory washing programs;
  • User-friendly controller interface;
  • New lifters for improved washing results;
  • Simple and fast program customization through special software.

Electrolux Professional Pullman Washers 700-1100 Liters G4000 Price

Searching for the Pullman washers online? Order them from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international distributor of Electrolux professional laundry equipment. Prices on all machines are quite reasonable and they range from €76,570 and €124,130. They fit any budget and are based on such specifications as a particular body type, integrated weighing system, machine interface for CMIS, water meter, second I/O card, and drum volume. Choose the best washers that suits your laundry needs and enjoy long-lasting benefits.

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