Electrolux Professional WS4650H

Suspended frame, 650l, G-factor 350, side loaded washer extractor with fully programmable Clarus Control microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WS4650H washers

Do you want to get the best washing results with every cycle? Electrolux makes it possible, thanks to a new range of side load washers. They are designed to be intuitive, economical, efficient, and reliable. Consider their excellent results in hygiene, durability, and productivity. This laundry equipment is your reliable washing partner because of worry-free operations and low vibration levels in any settings.

Electrolux machines are easy to customize based on specific needs, and their intuitive interface makes them very flexible to use. They all are designed to be safe and easy to control and provide users with high hygiene standards. Their heavy-duty construction helps them serve for a long time while guaranteeing improved efficiency, increased savings, and low running costs.

Electrolux WS4650H washers features

  • Durable suspended frame for increased sturdiness and service life;
  • Fully programmable Clarus Control microprocessor;
  • G-factor 350;
  • Can be easily tailored to all individual needs;
  • Suspended construction, which means that no special foundation is required;
  • Fixed and downloadable washing programs to choose from;
  • Free programming options;
  • Soap box with five compartments to be connected to automatic liquid systems or for manual detergent supply;
  • Steam, electric, gas, and thermal fluid heating options;
  • Increased ease of use and safety of all washing operations;
  • Suitable for all installations that require basic products;
  • Frequency controlled motor for variable drum speeds;
  • Safe and simple operations and a long-term service life;
  • Low vibration and noise levels to install in any location and create convenient settings;
  • Interface is easy to navigate;
  • Wide door opening;
  • Interference filters and armored cables for increased safety and reliability.

Electrolux Professional WS4650H price

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They vary from 66099 to 74217 Euros based on sizes, configurations, power capacity, and other product features. All units are made to provide users with guaranteed savings that make this equipment a perfect choice for any laundry.

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