Electrolux Professional WPB4700H

Suspended frame, 690l, G-factor 300, side loaded pullman barrier washer extractor with fully programmable Clarus TS microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WPB4700H washers

Electrolux uses its incredible expertise to design productive and functional front load washers to exceed all customer expectations. They offer the best working settings and effective defense against all cross infections and microorganisms.

This laundry equipment has high hygiene levels and unprecedented ergonomics while being economical to provide users with low operational costs. Start saving your time and money by using these machines and improve the productivity of your laundry considerably. They are very easy to operate while providing precise control over all operations.

Electrolux WPB4700H washers features

  • Automatic positioning of inner drums during unloading and loading;
  • Color-display on unloading sides for improved process control and increased productivity;
  • 5-compartment box for connection to automated liquid systems or manual supply;
  • Frequency-controlled motor;
  • Poly V belt for precise, silent, and consistent rotation speeds;
  • Two-compartment separated inner drum for improved mechanical action and ergonomics;
  • Unloading by gravity to be fast and easy to use;
  • Integrated Saving;
  • Pneumatic suspensions for low vibration and noise levels;
  • Titration valve for bath sampling;
  • Intuitive programming control panel;
  • Automatic unloading and locking of outer drum doors;
  • 14 languages for a simple and fast selection;
  • Durable stainless steel cover panels;
  • Wide doors and clean room application;
  • Smart card writer and reader;
  • 8-color industrial touch screen;
  • Integrated pH meter for better performance traceability;
  • Unfolding menus and third water inlet;
  • Visual alarms and end-of-cycle sounds for the best productivity;
  • Second drain valve for water recycling;
  • Semi-automatic loading, thanks to the outer door opening.

Electrolux Professional washers WPB4700H price

Order efficient and reliable washers from Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux. It has a long-term expertise in distributing laundry Equipment to different countries. Its prices are quite attractive and let users save while benefiting from innovative technology.

They vary from 98667.80 to 111903 Euros based on such characteristics as sizes, capacity, load, power, and others. Each unit is designed to withstand all heavy-duty operations and provide the best washing results.

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