Electrolux Professional WSB5180H

Suspended frame, 180l, G-factor 350, side loaded barrier washer extractor with fully programmable Compass Pro® microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WSB5180H

The innovative Evolution barrier washer is designed by Electrolux to fulfill all of your laundry needs. Get Electrolux Professional WSB5180H to make your laundry a better place.

With a range of intelligent features, this machine will make your life much easier. It will also provide you with increased capacity and savings.

Electrolux WSB5180H features

Learn more about how the installation and use of this top-notch unit can help you achieve all of your laundry goals. You will benefit from these excellent WSB5180H features:

  • Double display to better handle all processes on the clean side;
  • Pass-through construction to ensure improved ergonomics in all barrier installations;
  • Simple program customization through LPM software;
  • Supplied with the third inlet valve for using soft water;
  • Durable external doors with a wide opening and vertical hinges are reversible and simple to handle;
  • The built-in weighing system for optimizing all loading operations;
  • Automated drum locking and positioning for all unloading and loading operations;
  • Compass Pro controller for making your life easier;
  • New lifters for better washing results;
  • Compatible with 13 detergent signals to suit all complex washing programs;
  • Improved ergonomics and higher safety for operators;
  • 4-compartment soapbox for using powder and liquid detergents;
  • Large inner drum doors to make uploading and loading operations easier;
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel body to withstand all aggressive environments;
  • Power Balance to guarantee the best extraction for all loading conditions;
  • User-friendly interface with 15 customized and 40 factory washing programs;
  • End-of-cycle alarm to provide users with the updated information;
  • Suspended construction for better extraction;
  • Increased energy savings during all drying processes;
  • Meeting the highest industry requirements and international standards.

Electrolux WSB5180H price

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The authorized distributor has strong guarantees and long-term expertise in delivering top-notch machines worldwide. With its help, you will increase the efficiency of your laundry and reduce regular utility bills considerably.

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