Electrolux Evolution 250-650 litres G4000

The Evolution range has been developed after years of research and development involving global hygiene experts to maximize the efficiency in commercial laundry and also to minimize the operation costs involved in running the machines.

Electrolux Evolution Product Highlights:

  • Temperatures sensors and thermostats ensures that temperature is maintained at the optimum level
  • Inbuilt software and pressure switches enable that optimum water level is maintained during each processes
  • Also equipped with ground breaking technologies like anti-leak systems, anti-overflow systems and anti-flooding features

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Professional Evolution Washers 250-650 Liters G4000

Electrolux is a global expert in the highest line hygiene levels. The company offers a broad range of washing solutions and incredible program flexibility on the modern market. All Evolution washers are designed in close cooperation with global hygiene professionals.

The range of Electrolux professional Evolution washers guarantees the best results in infection control, thus ensuring effective defense against the spread of cross infections, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

High-quality washing machines are available in different drum capacities to suit all customer needs. They’re designed by Electrolux to keep operational costs very low by helping users save on regular detergent and water consumption.

Electrolux Evolution Washers 250-650 Liters G4000

There are many benefits that professional laundries can get with top-notch Evolution washers.

  • Automated savings because the advanced system weigh and adjust your load to guarantee the most effective washing results;
  • Broad range of drum capacity;
  • Automated drum locking and positioning to ensure fast and easy unloading and loading operations;
  • The best safety and ergonomics for all operators;
  • The unique Power Balance system that guarantees the best extraction regardless of loading conditions;
  • Improved flexibility, thanks to the Compass Pro microcontroller;
  • Durable suspended construction, which means that no special foundation is required;
  • Fully programmable microprocessor with 9 standard programs;
  • Possibility to upload 192 extra programs and benefit from free programming options;
  • Frequency-controlled motor for all variable drum needs;
  • 5-compartment soap box for connections to the automated liquid system or manual supply;
  • Steam, gas, electric, and thermal fluid heating options;
  • Interference filters and armored cables to ensure improved reliability and safety;
  • Pass-through and durable construction to provide users with the best ergonomics in barrier washer installations;
  • Large inner drum doors to make all loading and unloading operations fast and easy;
  • External doors and strong vertical hinges and convenient door openings that are reversible and easy to handle;
  • Customized washing programs;
  • Compatibility with different detergent signals to stand the most complex washing programs;
  • The Power Balance system that ensures the best extraction results;
  • New lifters for the improved washing performance;
  • Double display to better manage the entire process on a clean side;
  • End-of-cycle alarm to save your valuable process time;
  • Stainless steel durable body to effectively withstand aggressive environments and corrosion;
  • Built-in weighing system to guarantee optimized loading operations;
  • Third water inlet valve to provide softer water;
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Electrolux Professional Evolution Washers 250-650 Liters G4000 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable Electrolux distributor that offers high-quality Evolution washers at reasonable rates. You can order highly efficient machines from Maran for the prices ranging from €30,040 to €84,699. The final price is calculated based on such tech specifications as the body type, drum volume, control system, heating type, soap box, Integrated Weighing System, etc. No matter which washing machine you order from Maran, Electrolux guarantees a long-term service life, outstanding performance, and other benefits.

The all new Electrolux Evolution range of barrier washer extractors provide great assistance and help to the healthcare industry in offering premium laundry solutions coupled with the latest technology and exclusive design techniques to offer maximum performance and huge energy saving capabilities. The need to develop a unique range of equipment in the Evolution line is to provide a complete solution to provide ultimate laundry quality, greater hygiene while optimizing the cost needed for safety and maintenance.

One of the unique features of these barrier washer extractors is the “hygiene watchdog function” that helps in adherence to complete linen hygiene including RABC requirements.

Electrolux evolution sl proves to be the only washer that measures around 850 mm optimal working height washer for easy loading and unloading. It also comes with exclusively designed reversible doors with an opening angle of 180°. The power balance feature enables the lifetime of the machines to be extended to a great level and also the energy and water saving features also increased to higher levels. These laundry equipment features around 55 different washing programmes and also available in 18 different languages which allows users in different countries to select the programs and use the machine easily and effectively. It also comes with an USB port to allow the installation of Certus Management software for process validation of the machines.

All Electrolux EWH SL evolution models are 95% recyclable and provides integrated saving and efficient dosing systems to save significant energy, time, resources, detergent and water to a great extent and still maintaining the best linen quality. This Electrolux barrier washing machine offers the finest quality materials, design and workmanship. You can rely on Electrolux to give you years of trouble free service with your washing machine. When it comes to Electrolux evolution price, you can always rely upon Electrolux as all equipment are provided at an affordable cost at all times.

Evolution Washers Advantages

Tailored to your requirements

The evolution Electrolux Florianopolis extra-spin models are highly reliable and developed to fulfil all your requirements to a great extent.

User Friendly Design

The lavadora Electrolux evolution machines are exclusively designed to provide and user friendly experience. The large doors with easy to use interface and low noise and less vibration levels are examples to these features.


High efficiency shirt finishers in the barrier washer extractors give you high quality finished shirts. Heat loss and energy is saved to a great extent with nickel plated heads.

Ultimate durability

The exclusive design and latest technological aspects of the machine ensures that you always have a trouble free operation and ultimate finishing results. Equipped with anti-stretching devices, you don’t need to worry elastic fabrics like waistband and legs from getting deformed.

  • Also comes with a door aperture safety device
  • Have complete control over the overall operation with easy to use controls
  • Electrolux ewh 100 evolution slim are built completely using recyclable materials
  • Easy and simple installation procedure
  • Innovative technology and materials ensures super silent operation at all times
  • Balanced door with self-adjusting hinges

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