Electrolux Professional WS5350H

Suspended frame, 350l, with fully programmable Compass Pro® microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WS5350H washers

When looking for reliable laundry equipment, choose the side load washers designed by Electrolux because they’re made to be highly efficient, economical, and durable. They have low running costs and high hygiene levels. These ergonomic units can withstand any heavy-duty operation while being flexible and eco-friendly. You can easily install them in any location to start saving money, getting excellent washing results, and creating convenient working settings.

Electrolux WS5350H washers features

  • End-of-cycle alarms to provide users with updated and correct data;
  • Built-in weighing system for improved and simple loading operations;
  • New lifters to ensure better washing results;
  • Soap box with 4 compartments to use powder and liquid detergents;
  • Third water inlet valve for soft water;
  • Simple program customization through special software;
  • Compass Pro controller;
  • Wide inner drum doors to make all unloading and loading operations easier and faster;
  • Durable stainless steel body to stand all kinds of aggressive environments and guarantee a long service;
  • Compatibility with different detergent signals to stand all complex washing programs;
  • Sturdy side loader construction with excellent industrial bearings to ensure an unmatched lifetime;
  • Power Balance to ensure the best extraction force in all loading conditions;
  • User-friendly interface to make all operations easier;
  • Increased user safety and ergonomics;
  • Outer doors with vertical hinges and wide opening to be easily handled and reversible;
  • Sturdy suspended construction for 350 G-extraction;
  • Increased savings during washing and drying processes;
  • Many customized and factory washing programs to choose from;
  • Automated drum locking and positioning for all unloading and loading operations.

Electrolux Professional WS5350H price

Go to Maran Projekt GmbH when you require excellent Electrolux washers. This company is an official dealer that ships this branded equipment to different locations fast. Its prices are highly competitive to suit all customer finances.

They vary from 43029.80 to 50473.50 Euros based on different configurations, PNC, sizes, wash load, and other features. Every unit is designed to provide savings while consuming less water and energy. That’s why it’s a clever investment for any consumer.

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